Meaning of name Lubna


She who listens

Character and Dominants : Emotivity, Morality, Affection, Intuition
Plant : WormwoodAnimal : Duck
Colour : RedZodiac Sign : Cancer
Genre : Female Numerology : 5
Origin : Arabic first name Etymology :
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Like her animal mascot, the duck, who is more comfortable in water than on land, Lubna is far more at ease in a warm and safe environment than in her daily life with its difficult conditions. The difficulty resides in maintaining a balance between the two worlds. Very easily influenced, lacking self-confidence and somewhat introverted, Lubna takes refuge in her dreams or living in a carefree manner, thereby looking to forget certain memories or flee from reality and its responsibilities.


Her dreams are considerably dependent on this strong emotivity, it is exactly this aspect that enables Lubna to organise her own little dream world where the soul is more important than the heart. Lubna isn't highly reactive as she is disinclined to share her world, her emotions, in order to protect herself better. She therefore doesn't show her secret garden, her emotions that she takes refuge in.


Her resolve, activity and emotivity are all around the same level and all are linked to her dreams, the images she has fixed. Lubna reacts without conviction, if the action required does not correspond with her image. Lubna is far more at ease in natural surroundings, a solitary soul, than surrounded by others. Lubna is subject to imaginary illnesses as she lives a lot in her own dream world. It is up to her to ensure this is not allowed to develop too much. A healthy and balanced life enables her to compensate for this flaw. Lubna needs constantly pushing outside, she needs to open up to others, she needs to get out and enjoy life so she can overcome her tendency to fade into the background. For Lubna to be dynamic she needs to come out from her dream world, get outside and face the exterior world which is not easy for her.


Lively but discreet, Lubna has a superficial intelligence that enables her to rapidly see the best way to achieve what she wants, to truly live her life, even though this intelligence can sometimes be disturbed by her timidity.


Through too much dreaming one may have trouble following Lubna at times. She wants to be loved and feel secure but at times this can make her afraid, she can see it as a form of aggression and may reject it.


Her sensuality is complicated; her sexuality is highly linked to her mental state more than her physical senses. Lubna needs to give in more to her heart and senses more than stability.

In conclusion

If Lubna stopped fleeing, if she stopped taking refuge in her inner world and if she doesn't allow her desire for reclusion to take root and disturb her then she could live serenely.