Meaning of name Shafiqa


The Woman of Fire

Character and Dominants : Emotivity, Sociability, Affection, Morality
Plant : ThymeAnimal : Giraffe
Colour : RedZodiac Sign : Libra
Genre : Female Numerology : 7
Origin : African first name Etymology :
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Shafiqa easily adapts to all situations, demanding little in return, she is easy to live with. She retains part of the child within her that is strengthened by a strong emotivity and great sentimentality As an extravert, Shafiqa enjoys being surrounded by people, including her friends. She is easily influenced and is always seeking self-reassurance that she is doing is right, if she loves or not. She can become changeable, even unstable when she is seeking new things to inspire her. Fairly secretive when it comes to morality, you get the impression that Shafiqa is fairly relaxed and free concerning this aspect, that she could adapt her morals according to the situation and yet Shafiqa does have true values, real life principles which she will not compromise. Shafiqa is not very intuitive or even imaginative as Shafiqa prefers to observe the world more than imagine it.


This is Shafiqa's weakness as she is quite emotive. She often has trouble containing her emotions and appears changeable as times. Shafiqa has a great sense of friendship but this can sometimes be ambiguous and cause trouble in her emotional life as the line between friendship and love is not always very clear.


Shafiqa can easily, and fast, give up at the first sign of an obstacle in her path so giving the impression that she will not follow through on her initial actions. She is not always aware of this and needs reminding that once started things should be finished. Her activity is similar to her resolve, Shafiqa is always close to abandoning everything, renouncing and dropping out if she is not constantly encouraged, and this is true in all domains (studies, sport, work...). Possessing excellent health, Shafiqa is however drawn by the night life, an aspect that she should beware of. Shafiqa sometimes gives the impression of accomplishing tasks because she is obliged to as although she works well it is due more to her professional conscience than a real enthusiasm. Self-pride and emulation are means of motivation for her.



Shafiqa needs to be surrounded by tenderness, to feel loved, and if this is not the case then Shafiqafeels abandoned and at that time will then judge the worthiness of others. Very affectionate, Shafiqa needs to learn to be more self-sufficient and not realy wholly on others.


Shafiqa is highly complex in this area, as with all problems it is not clear if she is eager or not; also, she finds it hard to differentiate between sentimentality and sensuality. She has great sex appeal and is very seductive but she shouldn't go too far without considering the possible consequences.