Meaning of name Abd-al-latif


He who passes, he who crushes

Character and Dominants : Will, Activity, Morality, Dynamism
Plant : WillowAnimal : Elephant
Colour : RedZodiac Sign : Sagittarius
Genre : Male Numerology : 8
Origin : Arabic first name Etymology :
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Although Abd-al-latifsometimes gives the impression of being phlegmatic and close to immobility this doesn't stop him from advancing, going straight for his objectives, destroying anything in his way if necessary like his animal mascot, the elephant. In this way, Abd-al-latif can devote himself entirely to a good cause. He has the morality of action, this means that it is applied with great vigour and he applies it in the same manner to others. Very early on Abd-al-latif has the sense of responsibility and wants more. Abd-al-latif copes very well without his intuition, he prefers benefiting from his intelligence and his thirst for action. He is curt when it comes to seduction; it works, or it doesn't!


Very calculating and dominating, the emotivity of Abd-al-latif changes according to his needs, to appear more humanitarian and make himself understood. Abd-al-latif refuses to show his feelings, these he considers as a hold over him for his enemies and Abd-al-latif needs enemies as he likes competition. It is difficult to be his friend; his only real friend is himself as friendship infers a dependence which he refuses. Abd-al-latif is not very sensitive to setbacks as he considers these only exist if you recognise them as such.


His will can be overpowering and to know how to resist him is not an easy task, and this from a very early age. This high activity is a tide that submerges those around Abd-al-latif as he throws himself headlong into any project he undertakes. As with us all, Abd-al-latif has certain weaknesses, however he does rather push his health to the limit, it has to try and keep up. His sociability depends on circumstances and we can clearly sense that, in principle, Abd-al-latif doesn't like being surrounded by useless people. Abd-al-latif is highly efficient in action.


His intelligence is both analytical and superficial; he can distinguish both the overall outline together with the details of each situation. His intelligence isn't particularly easy to see as Abd-al-latif certainly doesn't try to stand out and is not always very communicative.


Abd-al-latif exercises restraint in showing his emotions, despite the fact that he has a great inner sensitivity. However he will only show this as and when he decides to. Due to wanting to control everything, Abd-al-latif can sometimes find himself in an emotional no-man's land, which can be disconcerting.


Despite a slightly cold aspect, Abd-al-latif has a highly developed sensorality that he particularly applies in his sexuality. However, Abd-al-latif refuses to be a prisoner of his emotions, his senses, and therefore dominates his sexuality, strongly yet secretly at the same time, he uses or leaves it as he sees fit.

In conclusion

Abd-al-latif's success is due to the combination of an inflexible will, a morality placed at the service of his actions, and a dedication to his work.

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