Meaning of name Amanda


She is under a lucky star

Character and Dominants : Sociability, Will, Intellect, Activity
Plant : LindenAnimal : Doe
Colour : OrangeZodiac Sign : Aquarius
Genre : Female Numerology : 7
Origin : Classical first name Etymology :
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Amanda is an endearing person who throughout her life will try to establish a balance between her two greatest characteristics; her moody side and profound sense of devotion. Her animal mascot is the doe which explains her dominant anxious and emotive side. An extrovert that always keeps one eye on the outside world, Amanda never misses an occasion to be of assistance or devote time to others. She has a strong sense of honour and isn't easily influenced. Highly objective, Amanda is capable of giving her all and sacrificing everything she possesses but has a horror of being deceived or tricked. Amanda is highly confident when she has a mission to accomplish otherwise she returns to her habitual nervous timidity. Her character, open to the community, is supported by an exceptional morality. Amanda searches for excuses to pardon the mistakes of others but is highly unforgiving towards herself. Intuitive but wary, Amanda prefers to act in accordance with her own reasons drawn from her philosophy, her Code of Honour.


Amanda is highly emotive which makes her extremely nervous. However, Amanda manages to subjugate this emotivity by using it in an activity that is both devouring and passionate. Amanda has a perfect mastery of herself, at all times, whereas she may seem so emotive that one might expect her to fly to pieces at any excuse. She has a real sense of friendship and for her nothing is better than being able to illuminate a soul lost in solitude or sadness.


She has a surprising resolve, in terms of both intensity and quality. This intense and great activity counterbalances her high emotivity. It also offers a certain attraction and profound humility. Disciplined and conscientious, she sees her profession as an apprenticeship for life itself. Benefitting from an excellent vitality, Amanda is resistant to fatigue and even overwork. She knows how to bring joy to others but often forgets to listen to herself. Comfortable under all circumstances and with all types of people, Amanda is highly social. This dynamism does not play a preponderant role in Amanda's character as she doesn't obey a particular motivation and her impulse towards others is not in response to an appeal for attention.


Amanda has an superficial intelligence that enables her to quickly assimilate an overall view of problems and face intricate situations. Amanda has a healthy curiosity and a highly efficient emotive memory.



This is a reasonable and generally reasoned sensority of which the impulsions are controlled. Amanda is characterised by a total lack of egoism and a particular attention towards others. She is a powerful seductress but doesn't seek to charm in the same way as other women.

In conclusion

Amanda has a powerful inner strength, she is capable of immense love and has a great potential that makes her a remarkable person who warms, illuminates and brings alive those around her.

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