Meaning of name Alex


He who takes

Character and Dominants : Will, Dynamism, Vitality
Plant : ElderAnimal : Octopus
Colour : VioletZodiac Sign : Scorpio
Genre : Male Numerology : 6
Origin : Ancient first name Etymology :
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Alex's life has two sides; The public face, highly fertile, and another that is more discreet, even secret. In all cases, Alex is very efficient and reflective, highly emotive and active. He is an impassioned person, tenacious and determined but quite capable of mastering his explosive emotional nature through exercising patience. He has immense self-confidence that comes close to self-pride at times. Alex wants everything which at times incurs the risk of trying to do too much, and he wants to know everything with his dynamic curiosity that borders on indiscretion. Despite everything, Alex is an introvert as he only shows part of himself, his public image. What he truly thinks and the reasons for his actions are almost always hidden within himself. Alex is pragmatic according to the circumstances and the subjects in play. His morality should be practical and efficient, even if sometimes one may doubt his sincerity and values; at those times it is for him to come to terms with his conscience. His inborn flair placed at the service of his success, and his domination, is far more instrumental than his intuition in making Alex undeniably seductive.


His emotivity is one of the explosive ingredients, together with activity, that characterise Alex. He appears to have a weak reactivity but in fact it is voluntarily hidden so he can carry out his deeds secretly.


Close to tyrannical, Alex's will is extremely strong. He pursues his goals with vigour and even ferocity if necessary. Alex literally needs action for the sake of action. In a way this acts to reassure him but is also a real addiction. A great vitality, an exemplary health and a resistance to any challenge characterise Alex. His sociability relates particularly to a utility. Alex enjoys receiving people, particularly if this can be useful for his career or a project he is fixed upon. True friendship for him is as difficult to give as it is to receive. Alex is capable of anything to achieve his ends, whatever the time it may take or the means necessary. He is tenacious and insistent.


At first glance one might think that his intelligence is simply practical and ordered but this would be an underestimation. Alex is discreetly capable of formidable reactions.


It isn't always easy to pin Alex down, to know if he loves or not, as his attitude is above all guided by a search for efficiency. However, he experiences great difficulties when he has to share his feelings.


His sentimentality often stems from tyrannical desires that he tries to satisfy by any means necessary. His sensuality is based on a particular idea that is highly personal. Alex is often jealous and possessive, however he is very loyal.

In conclusion

Although Alex enjoys luck and success, this can be provoking and he should not forget that setbacks exist.

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