Meaning of name Basajaun


He who announces the spring

Character and Dominants : Will, Activity, Vitality, Dynamism
Plant : BlackberryAnimal : Cuckoo
Colour : VioletZodiac Sign : Aries
Genre : Male Numerology : 6
Origin : Basque first name Etymology :
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Basajaun possesses a character that is hot blooded, piercing, and sharp. Not an easy person when you first meet him, especially as Basajaun does not try to please people, on the contrary he enjoys being vindictive and in opposition to those who surround him. He has extremely firm principles that he likes trying to transmit, or impose if necessary, on others. An extravert, Basajaun is far more interested in life outside and those of others than his own inner psyche. Not easily influenced, he will only change his mind when faced with many solid arguments, and never without difficulty. Very intuitive but unfortunately not in a co-ordinated manner, we could say that Basajaun is more an inspired personality. He can resolve a complex problem in an instant. His seduction is brusque, he has a raw charm but is someone that can be counted on.


His emotivity is mainly used to reinforce the passionate discourses that Basajaun particularly enjoys.


A will so strong, almost to the point of tyranny, is applied by Basajaun as much to himself as others, and this without much diplomacy so causing conflicts and highly animated discussions. Basajaun has a real team spirit, as long as it is his team, he is the battering ram, the leader that only thinks of how best to organise those under him. Only the result counts for him, as long as he accomplishes objectives and reaches his goal. He enjoys a rigorous vitality and so his health is an area that Basajaun neglects, he doesn't listen to his body enough. For Basajaun sociability often represents a waste of time, resigning himself to meeting those who do not interest him. His friendship is somewhat turbulent and although exacting, secure and loyal it is not at all restful as Basajaun practises constructive contradiction with a passion. A real tornado, the problem is to know where Basajaun will go and where he will stop.


Basajaun is doted with an exceptional memory, a never ceasing curiosity and an analytical intelligence. He will go into the tiny details of each and every situation.


Basajaun practises emotional equality, he does not wish to be the favourite of someone neither does he like someone else being favoured above him. Affection is above all a strong ideal for him, he is a man of duty for whom possession is necessary: Take in order to give back more.


His sensuality and sexuality is like his affection and seduction, raw! Although it should be said that Basajaun is highly affected by the female psychology which is far more supple than his.

In conclusion

A man that follows his ideas through until their end, Basajaun will either ignore or play with luck to ensure success, even more so as for him an obstacle is a stimulant and motivates him further.

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