Meaning of name Bashemath


She who captures, who seizes

Character and Dominants : Affection, Activity, Sensoriality, Dynamism
Plant : RoseAnimal : Magpie
Colour : BlueZodiac Sign : Aries
Genre : Female Numerology : 5
Origin : Biblical first name Etymology :
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She is a fascinating woman with rapid impulses, sometimes a little moody but often disconcerting. Bashemath has a balanced character that enables her to judge life fairly in general. She is both discreet and efficient; when Bashemath has an idea in her head she will work hard and long to achieve her goals. Pay particular attention to Bashemath when she is not in control of herself, when she allows her critical side to escape, this rather sharp personality trait relating to other people and things. Not easily influenced, she has great self-confidence, although she doesn't always show it, and has a subjective vision of life, seeing everything through her own eyes. Bashemath has a great sense of morality, generally speaking, but her explosive and passionate character often cause her to slip from her moral path. Bashemath has a stupefying intuition; she can evaluate situations, and even people, rapidly and quite accurately. She is very seductive, both mentally and physically, she should be careful not to abuse it and rely more on her spontaneous psychology.


Not easy to manipulate, Bashemath has a strong affective memory and can therefore be quite vindictive and remember acts committed against her months, or even years later. She has a keen competitive sense and can become obstinate in the idea that she has created events, or people. However she can change her opinion rapidly if she is shown to be wrong. Bashemath is sensitive to setbacks, more because they irritate her than because they defeat her.


Bashemath is incapable of staying still, she always needs new projects and the bigger the business the more Bashemath feels motivated. She is very resourceful and has a bubbling imagination, natural charm and a vivid memory. Bashemath is very tidy and keeps track of everything, she enjoys her comfort. She has an excellent vitality that enables her to face any health problems that may occur, although Bashemath is fairly unconcerned about these. Highly sociable, Bashemath likes entertaining people, even though this takes place under her conditions, by her principles. Highly balanced in her family life, it is there that she is truly fulfilled. Bashemath is very generous and fully engages in activities, body and soul, whether the task is boring or not, as long as the goal is worth it.


Doted with an analytical intelligence, Bashemath can identify the slightest detail of a situation or event.


At certain times Bashemath will do everything possible to create a relaxing and warm ambience, to resolve difficult situations, place people in contact with each other... But at other times Bashemath is also capable of doing exactly the contrary, with equal ease.


Bashemath wants to live life intensely and is ready to do anything to do so even if it means being imprudent at times. Flirty and sensual, Bashemath has a strong sex appeal that makes her very attractive.

In conclusion

Bashemath's luck is mainly due to her seductive abilities, her generosity that comes from the heart, and her courage that enables her to succeed in life.

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