Meaning of name Bille


He who passes

Character and Dominants : Will, Activity, Affectivity, Morality
Plant : ChestnutAnimal : Turtle
Colour : RedZodiac Sign : Sagittarius
Genre : Male Numerology : 4
Origin : Norwegian first name Etymology :
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Bille knows what he wants, he goes from one specific point to another well defined point. He is a man of renunciation who places himself at the service of a cause, a community. To watch him, to listen to him it seems that he feels he has been trusted with a message. Difficult to grasp, is Bille introverted, or extroverted, does his inner life predominate or is the contact with the outside world more importantoe As with his plant mascot, the chestnut, one must go below the surface to reveal the inner Bille. Not easily influenced, faithful to his objectives, Bille is fairly discreet and has a strength that dominates and guides him. Bille needs to believe far more than others in order to act, he has an exemplary morality. Without taking himself as an example, without being a lesson giver, Bille seduces, trains, naturally. Bille knows where he's going and what he wants, he therefore believes that he doesn't need his intuition.


Always contained, Bille's emotions are placed at the service of a goal to achieve and not passion. Insensitive to failure, Bille considers it a mere mishap. He is highly reactive but remains within the limits; Bille rarely gets angry. He is objective to the point of sometimes forgetting himself, investing himself body and soul in a cause. He has great self-confidence.


He can be very wilful if it is necessary for the task at hand. He has an overall excellent health as Bille has nerves of steel; he believes that life is too short to waste time in being ill. A deep warmth in terms of friendship comes from Bille. Without really knowing him, you can feel like part of his family, his world, that he includes you in his home life. Highly balanced, Bille is a man with a strong and convincing enthusiasm.


Doted with a superficial intelligence, Bille has an overall view of situations and a complete overlook on people and various things. Yet he has a weak curiosity, refusing almost voluntarily not to know more than necessary. His seduction is also discreet, but involved. Bille has an excellent memory, with both affection and facts.


His affection is difficult to define as Bille wants above all to bring love to those around him. He is not at all possessive and never thinks only of himself.


Bille is able to control his sexuality which is strangely subject to his beliefs. He never allows himself to be overwhelmed by his instincts, needs or temptations.

In conclusion

Bille has the gift of being heart warming. For him, success in life is not dominating others but helping to build a new and better world.

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