Meaning of name Bluma


She who rises above

Character and Dominants : Will, Activity, Vitality, Dynamism
Plant : OrchidAnimal : Homing Pigeon
Colour : GreenZodiac Sign : Libra
Genre : Female Numerology : 4
Origin : Jewish first name Etymology :
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Generally hot-tempered and capricious, Bluma is always on the move and often difficult to follow. She believes she has a message to pass on and will do so with determination and vigour as necessary, her animal mascot is the carrier pigeon for good reason. Although portraying great inner strength this is only an illusion as Bluma is always on the brink. She moves constantly between highs and lows, in turn excited and unable to stay still or closed inwards and sad; even if the latter is short lived. This is why you always need to be around her, in her world, which interests her far more than the one outside. Generally speaking, Bluma has good morals but can also be opportunistic; she can place her morals to one side if the circumstances and her actions at that time so require. Surprisingly intuitive, Bluma is a true seductress which can make her quite disturbing and formidable, but again this depends on her mood at that time.


Highly marked emotivity; a little calming down is required for Bluma who lives for excess in everything. Due to the emotional and excessive traits in her character, Bluma has a tendency to follow her initial impulse and react rapidly while showing signs of great susceptibility.


She swings between highs and lows depending on her mood. Bluma needs a balanced calm life although she craves an active life full of excess that can lead to imprudence at times. Demonstrative, seductive and irresistible Bluma loves being among people, but they need to be able to follow her in reality as well as in her mind or they will be left behind. Bluma flees all that could bore her or tie her down; she needs to live, to move and so has a tendency to do only that which pleases her, no compromise. However she has great powers of adaptation that she could use more often if she wasn't so subservient to her desires.


From an early age Bluma should be channelled and disciplined as she possesses an explosive intelligence and devouring curiosity. Doted with a more superficial mind she understands things fairly quickly and ignores all that she considers to be superfluous details, which is not without consequence.


Although capable of great surges of love one day, Bluma can easily fall into a pit of despair the next. All her character traits are governed by her mood of the moment. Doted with great powers of seduction, she can play on emotions at times to ensure that others follow her and listen to her. Bluma enjoys being surrounded by her friends who she often changes.


Far too often there is too large a gap between the fantasy life that Bluma leads and the inertia that takes place around her. Bluma is excessive, reacts on impulse and therefore occasionally has startling reactions, to counter that she therefore needs to feel secure, stable and that her limits are well indicated.

In conclusion

No-one is bored with Bluma as her life is full of fantasy and vivacity. However, Bluma is often too controlled by the ups and downs of her moods to sustain a calm and serene life.

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