Meaning of name Borkhate


She who rules over heaven and earth

Character and Dominants : Will, Affectivity, Morality, Activity
Plant : LilyAnimal : Dove
Colour : blueSign : Virgo
Genre : Female Numerology : 8
Origin : Hebrew first name Etymology :
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Borkhate doesn't have an easy character. Quite angry, susceptible, sometimes jealous and very emotive, Borkhate, does however have a lot of tenderness and love. She is also a hard worker, very determined and rigorous. Quite secretive, Borkhate is rather introverted and tends to withdraw and not externalise her feelings and thoughts. Very determined and dedicated to others, she rarely complains and feels fully involved in projects, which gives her a lot of self-confidence. Borkhate has a natural morality that manifests itself at the important moments of her life, her behaviour follows very strict rules.


Borkhate places her strong emotivity at the service of her will. However, this aspect can sometimes be explosive and often makes her susceptible. Although Borkhate is affected by setbacks she doesn't capitulate, Borkhate is stubborn, she strongly opposes when she doesn't agree.


Borkhate is very brave and determined, a will that leaves no room for selfishness. Borkhate is conscientious, likes to work and likes to give of herself as she is naturally generous. She is therefore quite attracted to the social domain, or contact businesses. She finds complete fulfilment in maternity. Even with robust health, Borkhate still needs a balanced life and should be particularly careful not to overdevelop her already strong emotions, or she could suffer from intellectual overwork. Even though Borkhate is perfectly at ease in society, even though she likes to receive others, she does not need people to live, quite the opposite in fact. Borkhate has a strong sense of family and home.


Borkhate is highly intuitive, and understandably wary, she prefers to follow the beaten track rather than embarking on adventure as Borkhate has her feet firmly on the ground. She possesses great seductive abilities that can sometimes make her intimidating.


Affection is very complex in Borkhate because she is both vulnerable and very sensitive but can also demonstrate a great severity which can be disconcerting when she explodes or loses her temper. Attentive to others, Borkhate has a great sense of friendship but chooses her friends carefully as she doesn't want too many, she would see this as invasive. She is rather possessive, but more from a desire to protect herself rather than from a proprietary instinct.


All the pleasures of life, all of Borkhate's impulses are related to love, in the noble sense of the term, from a high sensorality. The joy of giving is an essential part of her character.

In conclusion

From very early on Borkhate knows how to solve her problems and will know how to deal with the inevitable difficulties of life on her own. Although sometimes Borkhate has a slightly raw temperament, it is always to give things, or others, their true value.

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