Meaning of name Brieg


He who teaches

Character and Dominants : Will, Activity, Intellect, Affection
Plant : Lemon TreeAnimal : Albatross
Genre : Male Numerology : 5
Origin : Brittany first name Etymology :
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Passionate and nervous, Brieg gives the appearance of a reserved person, close to cold even. He has in fact two types of personality; the first is mysterious, even other-worldly, symbolised by his animal mascot, the albatross, that dreams of travel and mysticism. The second is proud, angry and possessive, symbolised by the acidity of his plant mascot, the lemon. The duality in his behaviour could place him permanently in conflict with his inner self; this is why he needs lots of gentleness and patience to help him find his balance. Brieg seems to possess great self-confidence and tries to prove to others that he is always right but again this image needs to be moderated. Often, doubt assails and discourages him; Brieg is quite an introvert and often reproaches himself for his timidity. His morality is more a facade than real; it consists of saving his appearance at the risk of seeming slightly opportunistic. He is intuitive but often uses it to sidetrack or make it understood that others are not part of his world, or for seduction if at times Brieg is interested. He may seem pretentious but this is more an auto-defensive reflex for him than a calculated appearance.


Emotivity is not an aspect of his character that can be seen at first; it is deep inside and so can be disconcerting for those around him. Even though most of the time Brieg knows he should think before acting, there are times when he leaves his reserved aspect behind and becomes impulsive, influenced by his angry and capricious side.


Will and obstinacy are combined in Brieg, even if this is not always beneficial. It is through perseverance in his work that Brieg can compensate for a certain lack of sociability and dynamism; veering at times towards obstinacy and the impression that only he is working hard. He has a generally good overall vitality although his high degree of nervousness can push Brieg to pursue risky behaviour. Brieg is sociable, in the same way he is dynamic, that means more by obligation. He has a naive desire relating to his appearance; he has to meet the world, he has to uncover his life but in fact he prefers calm and solitude. Brieg acts far more by obligation or duty than by passion or enthusiasm.


He has a more analytical intelligence that is incisive, rapid and precise. The negative side of this remarkable intelligence is that Brieg is capable of wounding sarcasm or implementing himself in a system whereby attack is the only strategy.


The duality of Brieg's character is also exacerbated in the area of affection. He is capable of great gestures of generosity on a whim, before taking everything back moments later. He wants to be loved but has trouble expressing his feelings. He wants friends, but only gives his friendship after numerous demonstrations and always with reticence. From these conflicts may come repressions, contradictions and a tendency towards bitterness.


His sexuality is complicated, basically in accordance with his image. It consists of aggressiveness, flight, trials and accomplishments.

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