Meaning of name Beatrice


The woman with secrets

Character and Dominants : Intellect, Activity
Plant : GentianaAnimal : Toad
Colour : GreenZodiac Sign : Virgo
Genre : Female Numerology : 9
Origin : Ancient first name Etymology :
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Although appearing calm and unflappable, Beatrice is not actually inactive. She simply does not get ruffled, acts serenely and seriously and with her feet firmly on the ground. Beatrice is fairly introverted and does not open up easily, she is also quite timid, reserved and lacks self-confidence. It is difficult at times to know what she is thinking and what to conclude from her silent moments, what many may take as moods or hesitation are actually moments of observation and reflection for Beatrice. Beatrice is highly objective and does not monopolise all she finds around her, on the contrary she likes to help those around her. It could be said that Beatrice has a morality, a system of values and beliefs that is highly conventional. She doesn't wish to shock even if she occasionally feels the desire to do so. She is reasonable above all. Beatrice controls her intuition and gives it little credit. Beatrice reflects before all her actions, carefully balancing the pros and cons with the result that sometimes no action is taken. She doesn't understand that life is also a game.


Beatrice is susceptible and inward looking, not very emotive which leads to her having a reflective, timid side to her character; Beatrice needs time to think before making decisions. Whereas Beatrice doesn't really like fantasy she does have a serious side, a methodical streak that helps her to achieve her objectives.


Beatrice has a strong will but doesn't always finish things, she has a tendency to be distracted by circumstances. Beatrice has a strong professional conscience and is easily committed to her profession in which she takes refuge. Beatrice has a tendency to not listen to herself, she can overwork and go beyond the limits that her body can take yet she doesn't have a strong vitality. Although friendship is important to her, she doesn't have many friends although they have been chosen carefully. She enjoys well organised and solemn events that are respectful of tradition. Beatrice needs to gain more self-confidence and combine discipline and fantasy, not just be content with her ponderous character. She has a sincere sense of friendship towards both men and women and so is capable of listening, comforting and co-operating with her friends.


Beatrice possesses an analytical intelligence that searches out the smallest details in every situation; she has an excellent memory and precise elocution.


Beatrice is always seeking affection, she needs to be loved and told so. However she should not be disturbed or made uncomfortable with strong demonstrations, that complicates Beatrice's sentimentality. Emotional misunderstandings could quickly happen and Beatrice does not forgive easily.


This is quite a complex domain for Beatrice, sometimes showing signs of repression and definitely constitutes, in all cases, her secret garden.

In conclusion

Beatrice is a firm, balanced woman who has a serious and strict idea of life that severely lacks any trace of fun or frivolity.

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