Meaning of name Cesar


Earth�s secret flower

Character and Dominants : Affection, Sociability, Sensoriality, Intellect
Plant : OrangeAnimal : Chamois
Colour : purpleZodiac Sign : Capricorn
Genre : Male Numerology : 1
Origin : Classical first name Etymology :
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Secret and shy, Cesar is also bad tempered, giving the impression that he might explode at any moment, and he doesn't always have an easy character. Feet on the ground, head in the clouds, you never really know where he is, but one thing is certain he enjoys life and loves good things. Cesar is both extroverted and introverted; he needs to maintain contact with the outside world, while having a clear tendency to retreat into himself to fully pursue his inner life. With a sometimes hesitant morality, Cesar is quite opportunistic and adapts his attitude in accordance with circumstances without always worrying about the moral values. Tolerant, more due to indifference than greatness of mind, Cesar leads a fairly indecisive life.


His emotions don't show very much, he is secretly highly sensitive, and may repress emotions. Cesar has a very strong sense of friendship, he can't imagine not having any friends, and these provide him with a secure and safe environment. Possessing a very strong reactivity, Cesar even tends to push himself forward to be in front, ready for anything in order to be in the spotlight, even if the reality is more banal than imagined. Cesar is argumentative, he likes to dispute; not very sensitive towards setbacks, he considers that he is not responsible for them and therefore treats them with contempt.


A very strong will dominates the psyche of Cesar, but nevertheless is only applied in a selective way on certain events. Cesar is not easily influenced and can be stubborn at times. A generally excellent health and a great vitality characterises Cesar. Cesar is very sociable and likes the company of his friends; in fact he is one of those people whose company is highly appreciated and sought after by others. However, his great subjectivity, his very personal vision of the universe and the fact that he always attracts everything to himself sometimes cuts him off from those who have trouble coping with his egocentrism. There is a big difference between Cesar's activity and his dynamism, in other words there is a large gap between what Cesar says he does, or claims to do, and what he actually does. According to him, everything is lovely and easy, in his actions the reality is somewhat different.


He has a superficial intelligence, meaning that while ignoring details, Cesar has a clear overall vision of all situations. However, he should be careful not to stop at generalities thereby ignoring the particulars.


Very possessive, with an attitude that sometimes borders on tyranny, Cesar thinks that everything is due to him and he needs some physical comfort and affectionate security to feel good.


Cesar has a high degree of sensoriality, directly related to the excellent vitality that characterises him. With great needs and impulsions, he is ready to sacrifice everything to satisfy them. His sexuality is not simple as it is very demanding and precocious; Cesar also tends to go straight to the point at times which can create complex situations in his emotional life.

In conclusion

Sarcastic in defence, funny by interest, with somewhat uneven moods, sometimes you wonder if Cesar is really himself. However, although by nature a pleasure seeker, he wants an easy life which makes him quite a pleasant person.

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