Meaning of name Chea


She that surrounds

Character and Dominants : Affection, Intellect, Sociability, Morality
Plant : GrapevineAnimal : Boa
Colour : OrangeZodiac Sign : Aquarius
Genre : Female Numerology : 8
Origin : Cambodian first name Etymology :
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Emotive, lively and active, Chea has trouble keeping still, happily her reactions are a little slower so she can take time to think, and not explode. Highly opinionated, Chea has enormous self-confidence. Her behaviour and values are totally proper and Chea has a tendency to try and impose them on those around her. She has a real sense of friendship and particularly enjoys friends that come from different backgrounds. She is capable of really listening to people and is a devoted and supportive friend. Chea has a unique flair and possesses remarkable intuition. She can work out anything, sees all and judges a situation just as fast; she is also capable of surprising advice. She is a highly seductive person who uses, and abuses, her sense of humour that she controls completely.


This emotivity can often cause Chea to take decisions on the spur of the moment and not use discernment in what she says and who she says it to.


A strong resolve characterises Chea but despite her many efforts if it is not well channelled it can often lead to Chea wasting it. Highly invasive, Chea wants to do everything, organise everything and be involved in everything. She is more than capable of telling others that they have understood nothing and only she is right. Chea enjoys great vitality and a surprising resistance but is often subject to illnesses, often of a psychological origin, when she listens too much to herself, which however does enable her to place herself to the forefront. Chea is of course very sociable, she needs to be among others and have people constantly close at hand. Dynamism is a great strength of Chea, she won't hesitate to push and shove or replace others if they do not reach the level required. However, behind this façade lies a highly complex person, a deeper person, who has trouble expressing themselves and being taken seriously.


Of a lively and artificial intelligence, Chea rises above all easily, leaving the details aside. She has a remarkable memory, particularly affective, and easily remembers all that has marked her emotionally. As she is also vengeful one should therefore avoid hurting her. Chea is a very curious person and as she likes taking care of everything she wishes to understand and know about everything.


Very affectionate, Chea generally obtains what she desires. She is also very possessive, with the clear idea that by possessing something she can love it more, in fact she generally prefers loving to being loved.


Her sensorality, like her sexuality, bears the marks of possession.

In conclusion

As she is a very determined person with a strong morality, it is very difficult to change Chea's mind if she is sure of being on the right path.

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