Meaning of name Dieudonnee


The fruit of the earth

Character and Dominants : Will, Sociability, Dynamism
Plant : HyacinthAnimal : Fox
Colour : OrangeZodiac Sign : Gemini
Genre : Female Numerology : 6
Origin : French first name Etymology :
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Her animal mascot is the fox, and like the fox Dieudonnee is wary, cunning and untameable. Dieudonnee is a passionate person, highly emotive and active but exceedingly complex. As an extravert, Dieudonnee has an inner need to push herself forward, to be noticed and especially to have her audience in order to feel comfortable. Pleasant, lively, curious and not easy to influence she can draw the best from every situation. On a whim Dieudonnee is capable of doing anything and everything. She is somewhat perturbed when it comes to faith, values and morals. Dieudonnee has a strong sense of intuition and great powers of seduction but they can be artificial. This is because Dieudonnee is not at ease with her body at times but does not wish to show that so she hides her real self through fear of losing her power of enchantment.


Very emotive, Dieudonnee allows nothing to get by; nothing escapes her, especially if it can serve her interests. Dieudonnee has lively and unpredictable reactions. Startling, you can rapidly feel left behind by her.


Dieudonnee is capable of tying others up in knots if she so wills and when it comes to willpower she is not lacking! Dieudonnee has a great vitality, and a lot of courage, she is therefore capable of easily overcoming all and any difficulties that life sets in her path. Dieudonnee is very sociable and needs an audience she can play to and enchant. She is highly dynamic, almost excessive. Dieudonnee likes being the centre of everything, playing to her audience.


Dieudonnee has a great memory as well as a lively and analytical intelligence that she sometimes uses towards futile ends by pitilessly interpreting every detail through those around her.


Full of the joy of life, Dieudonnee is quite demonstrative in her feelings, she can even be almost flippant at times but this is more to cover her secret side that is not easily shown.


Highly complex, Dieudonnee wants to be loved as she is, however she is often still looking for her true self. Her emotions and sexuality are therefore often marked by this contradiction. She can fall for someone who is not right for her and pass by someone who would be, not knowing how to show her true self.

In conclusion

Dieudonnee is an extraordinarily vivacious person whose complexity attracts and whose slightly delirious affection is not off-putting either.

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