Meaning of name Even


The man who sleeps in the sun

Character and Dominants : Sociability, Sensoriality, Intuition
Plant : HazelnutAnimal : Grass Snake
Colour : VioletZodiac Sign : Gemini
Genre : Male Numerology : 1
Origin : Brittany first name Etymology :
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Either Even is sentimental or he is phlegmatic, it is difficult to say which at times and his animal mascot, the grass snake, well illustrates this feeling. His lack of self-confidence makes him a little wary and quite easily influenced. Even often does the opposite of what he says and finally is actually the opposite of how he thinks he is. Wherever he is, he is generally an introvert with a highly developed inner life; he possesses a vivid imagination and great emotivity. Interested in religion as well as occult beliefs, Even likes what he can see as well as what he can perceive, even if his morality is paradoxically more intellectual than mental. Whatever may happen, Even knows how to adapt to circumstances. Even has great powers of seduction, women like him, even more so as he is highly intuitive and understands things fairly quickly and easily. However his latent pessimism tends to let him down quite often.


His emotivity is directly linked to his affections and this makes him appear timid in the eyes of others. Even isn't very reactive when it comes to responding with strength and alertness to oppositional attitudes.


Even is quite supple and if he is wilful it is more for protection and defence than for attack. Relaxed and a dreamer, this doesn't stop him from reaching his goals, especially if he has someone to help him implement them. His tendency towards laziness is luckily counterbalanced by a reasonably good overall health, even if Even can quickly reach his intellectual capacities as he is subject to overwork. Although Even is quite happy to give and receive, he does however have a middling sense of friendship as he remains quite independent and has trouble coping with social constraints. He is far more comfortable with individual conversations than great discussions. If Even should choose a confidante however he will be extremely loyal. Laziness or wisdom often push him to abandon conflictive discussions that achieve nothing, even though in the first place Even has a tendency to be competitive although more by provocation than by conviction.


Curious about everything, doted with an excellent memory and a more superficial intelligence, in one quick glance Even can perceive the essential points. He does however experience great difficulties when transforming conception into realisation.


Timid and discreet, Even has difficulties describing his feelings and emotions which can be a blockage to his affective side. However, if the blockages disappear he acquires a great freedom of expression and Even then appears understanding and even refined which makes him very seductive.


His sensorality is highly dependent on his emotions, Even can sometimes be shocked by reality, by major life problems, that he has trouble believing and accepting.

In conclusion

His will is good in theory but in practise Even goes quietly about his business, hoping that he can happily pass the load to someone else along the way.

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