Meaning of name Fabienne


She who advances, who pushes forward

Character and Dominants : Will, Activity, Sociability, Sensorality
Plant : HawthornAnimal : Hippopotamus
Colour : BlueZodiac Sign : Aries
Genre : Female Numerology : 2
Origin : French first name Etymology :
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Fabienne is difficult to resist, she is seductive and full of zeal with an adventurous and passionate spirit, not at all relaxing. Fabienne goes head on into things without thinking so can often find herself in complicated situations that she has trouble extricating herself from. Fabienne is an extravert, everything is exteriorised and she has a real need for contact with the world. She is possessive and likes having subjects; Fabienne has so much self confidence that she seems a very proud person. Always on the move and so difficult to follow, Fabienne always has complicated plans hatching in her mind, even machiavellian at times, particularly as she has a very fertile imagination. Fabienne believes only in what she can see and her morality can often be variable. Fabienne has a fairly middling intuition that she doesn't use very much; she prefers to rely more on her logic and flair than true intuition.


Fabienne perfectly controls and manages her emotivity and strong activity. Fabienne is totally dedicated to friendship and, despite her strong desire for independence, she deems that nothing is better than being surrounded by her friends. Remarkable reactivity, when things are not going as Fabienne wishes she needs a superior on whom she can shift the responsibility for all setbacks. Oppositional, not by principle but because Fabienne believes she alone has the true vision of things and situations, she is highly subjective.


Fabienne is unstoppable and all retreats or hesitations from her partner is seen as setbacks. Nothing can stop her and too bad for those who don't want to keep up, or can't keep up. Highly active, with Fabienne things need to move, her and those around her. Very tenacious and ambitious, she is naturally drawn to the higher professions, often with some inherent risk. She adapts well to situations as long as she is in charge, but less easily when she is dependent upon the determination of others and experiences difficulties due to discipline or the inherent hierarchy. Fabienne has a vitality that goes with her temperament, that means to say she can be explosive! However, like all highly active people, her health is subject to an effervescent life which is fairly unbalanced. Although this passion may alarm those around Fabienne, she is, despite all, always surrounded by others as she is always in the middle of something. Although Fabienne tends towards excess, her enterprising side always wins through.



Quite versatile in terms of affection, Fabienne commits and separates herself easily and rapidly; you cannot rely on a regular and constant tenderness from her. Her affection is a mixture of friendship, sensorality and sexuality that leaves no-one indifferent and cannot be ignored.


Everything with her is a call to sensuality, Fabienne gives way at times to violent impulses, she is passionate, moody and adventurous. For Fabienne, it's all or nothing; it is a sensorality that is based upon headstrong impulses that gives her an active life in this area that only a great love affair could restrain.

In conclusion

Fabienne is always placing herself under the microscope and asking questions of others too. Although it is difficult to live with Fabienne, life is boring without her.

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