Meaning of name Harvey


He who supports the world

Character and Dominants : Affection, Morality, Vitality, Will
Plant : HoneysuckleAnimal : Zebu
Colour : OrangeZodiac Sign : Taurus
Genre : Male Numerology : 7
Origin : Australian first name Etymology :
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Generally phlegmatic, one shouldn't expect outbursts of enthusiasm or startling displays of despair from Harvey, his reactions tend to be more discreet. He is calm, patient, more an observer than a philosopher and he weighs each situation carefully before reaching a decision and announcing his conclusions. Harvey is a worrier that only action can liberate, this is why he should always be occupied, never idle with nothing to do. Harvey has a good morality, the distinction between right and wrong is definitely arbitrary but the results are there to see. His faith is absolute, it's all or nothing. Harvey has a strong intuitive sense, a flair that enables him to rapidly detect when anyone is veering away from the truth. However, Harvey also has a naïve side through which at times he finds himself in situations where he doesn't know everything that is happening.


He has fairly weak emotivity, so much so that it can be crushed by his surprising resolve. Harvey is disturbing in that his reactivity is weak giving the impression that he acts weakly and lackadaisically; although his reactions may be slow at times and take place over a long time, they are however highly efficient.


His will is very strong, often bordering on obstinacy and inflexibility. Harvey hates being wrong but admits it when it happens, he is capable of dominating all outside resistance to development through the use of his incredible energy. Harvey is a true man of strength, he carries the world on his shoulders. This is the impression that he has, the appearance that he gives. What he obtains is through hard work, obstinacy and rigour. Impassioned by everything that touches life; Harvey has a strong vitality as long as he has a balanced life. Harvey rushes headlong into things, not into action as this is less important to him, but into frenetic dynamism, where his instincts lead him.


He is quite intelligent, mainly in the analytical sense, this means thtat he sees an overall vision of situations without worrying over details, he has trouble expressing his vision. Harvey is quite wary and any solution that is not based on experience worries him, he therefore progresses slowly but surely, step by step.


Harvey likes to be useful, help others and his projects are only complete when he has given a helping hand. Harvey can be influenced and blames himself often for that. He has a heightened sense of family and needs understanding, tenderness and attention.


His sensorality is quite complex as, on the one hand, Harvey has strong impulsions, tyrannical even at times, and yet on the other hand Harvey self- imposes a strong sense of duty and obligation, of respect, these two aspects are not always compatible. His respect for family and home save him from numerous difficult situations.

In conclusion

Harvey has a very strong will which however is marred at times by hesitation, when doubt grips him, even though this doesn't last long. His success is above all a triumph over himself that enables him to assist those around him.

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