Meaning of name Hout


He who holds the waters of the earth

Character and Dominants : Will Activity, Intellect, Sensoriality
Plant : CyprusAnimal : Fallow Deer
Genre : Male Numerology : 1
Origin : Cambodian first name Etymology :
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Hout is a secret and passionate being, able to easily change the opinion of others, he can also be persuasive. Although he is both emotive and active, he can also be obstinate and serious, even to the point of being annoying. Hout has great self-confidence, he should be careful not to be over-confident. He knows how to use himself, his inner world and others to achieve his objectives, but he is also able to sacrifice everything for a just cause. If this morality inhibits Hout's freedom of action, then he is able to put it aside. He hates to be "bound" by prohibitions or principles and therefore he is suspicious about certain beliefs. A wink of the eye, a smirk: Hout has his prey. This is because Hout is a sleuth with strong intuition and a clear sensitivity.


Hout's emotions are not always healthy; sometimes he is far more affected by pain, or another person's inferiority, than ultimately concerned for those around him. A formidable reactivity characterises Hout, he is very intelligent and efficient, but his ulterior motives may disturb those around him and become troublesome.


Hout hides a strong will under an apparent calm, but despite himself it is still visible from uncontrollable outbursts. This is the dominant aspect of his character, as Hout only truly finds fulfilment in action, and his whole being is placed at its service. Hout self-imposes a tremendous project; he seeks to study what others do not know. His health is good, despite uninhibited dietary habits, Hout is able to move himself if necessary, and even get others moving. He has, in all cases, a need for sleep and fresh air but also some "aggressive" sports to release his energy. Hout is not very sociable but is not troubled by such concerns. His morality and occasional questionable attitudes that lead him to abuse are not unrelated. He is able to implement plans of which the effects will be seen only over the long term, but Hout still gets impressive results.


With his rather superficial intelligence, we often tend to underestimate him because Hout is far more a man of shadows than someone who likes to be exposed, even if he is a leader.


This is a point on which Hout is quite disconcerting, as it is difficult to understand how and who he loves. He does however experience occasional bursts of passion.


Hout has a real need to possess everything that surrounds him, his conquest of the world, and therefore he works on people and things. His sexuality is problematic as Hout doesn't know how to wait, and doesn't want to, his desires are far more instinct than love.

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