Meaning of name Iduned


He who collects

Character and Dominants : Affectivity, Activity, Morality
Plant : JuniperAnimal : Python
Colour : BlueZodiac Sign : Aquarius
Genre : Male Numerology : 3
Origin : Brittany first name Etymology :
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Iduned has two different personality traits that can change during a single action according to the level of achievement: At first, he can demonstrate real scepticism and then have true belief at the end. He is very sincere, and always good hearted, no matter what. Iduned is a logician, who relies on his intelligence and profound realities, and always tries to include people and events within his own logic. Objective and not easily influenced, when convinced of a cause he is able to fully devote himself, and only when he is completely certain he is right does he have complete confidence in himself. His strong desire to be straight, honest, fair, sometimes pushes him towards an authoritarian behaviour that is not always appreciated. It is in this domain that Iduned seems excessive, the same with friendship where he is ready for anything. Highly impassioned and complete, Iduned does not listen to his intuition which he generally compares to impulses and feelings that he refuses to follow. His seduction is powerful; he seems like a strong and reassuring man, even if at times he can also appear callous.


Iduned has rather secondary reactions, often offset, meaning that he often thinks of what he should have done, after he's already done it.


He has an intermittent resolve, which means that Iduned is able to show strong determination but can also put it on hold. His activity is greater than his will; this is why in times of difficulty Iduned tends to retreat to continuous and secure actions. He has a good basic vitality but Iduned doubts himself too often to use his possibilities to the most. As for his health, although he appears to be robust, Iduned often falls victim to mental ills. His sociability is capricious, Iduned sometimes needs an arena, so that people can listen and agree while at other times, he will find any excuse to escape and find solitude. His dynamism comes from, and is manifested in, action and events. It is close to the surface with him, he is generally withheld. Iduned seeks himself more through action than reflection, which is not without problems.


More applied than truly brilliant, Iduned constantly seeks truth and is wary of abstraction. His intelligence is practical, he desires to move forward, step by step, but efficiently, he also loves work and effort: both intellectual and physical.


On the whole, Iduned either loves or he doesn't, there is no middle ground. If he has any doubts then he prefers to leave rather than do nothing. Loyal and attached, he forgives no betrayal, in love as in friendship.


It is a sensory eclipse, as Iduned has many sides to his personality. He may, in turn, be surprising or disappointing especially in sensual matters. His sexuality is closely linked to his psyche and beliefs which make him quite complex.

In conclusion

A strong but confused will, an uncompromising morality characterises Iduned yet at the same time a permanent doubt plagues him.

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