Meaning of name John


The leaping man

Character and Dominants : Emotivity, Reactivity, Sociability, Intuition
Plant : Spindle TreeAnimal : Gazelle
Colour : OrangeZodiac Sign : Gemini
Genre : Male Numerology : 2
Origin : Ancient first name Etymology :
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John has two fairly opposing types of personality; there are those who are deeply attached to the place where they live, we could say they are highly domesticated, and there are those who are more audacious, like their animal mascot, the gazelle, who loves to run, move around and give emphasis to their feminine side. Also dual, introverted at times and withdrawn, refusing contact with the outside, John is however capable at times of being theatrical, and does not hesitate to make contact with reality if he needs it to push him forward. John has a circumstantial morality more than actual beliefs, he doesn't particularly care about established principles but can easily follow those taught to him. He has an almost feminine intuition; John is conscious of it and uses it to his advantage. He should beware not to abuse it.


His reactivity is linked to his sociability so John is susceptible and highly sensitive to setbacks. Although he is fairly open minded, John still has a tendency to believe and accept only what he can see.


John has a fairly weak will and doesn't believe in wasting too much energy to achieve his goals. His activity depends on circumstances and thwarts all expectations. In fact, John's life is far more determined by events than by real choices through which he would use his energy and knowledge. His friendships are numerous and sometimes ambiguous, his sociability is real but diverse. Rapid like his animal mascot, the gazelle, John invests himself in something as quickly as he loses interest in the same project just a few moments later, to again launch into something else completely different with the same rapid enthusiasm. His dynamism is therefore almost superficial.


Rapid and analytical, John has a strong tendency to answer back, often using a sarcasm that can be wounding at times, or be close to insolence.


Here again the duality of his character can be noted; John wants to be independent and free while at the same time possessing a refuge for difficult times. Often the latter takes the form of his family where he can find tenderness and security. A proud person, he copes badly with comparisons and is susceptible.


Above all a man who enjoys meeting others, John is highly attentive to life and to his partner; his needs are not immediate or aggressive. It is through a sequence of events that desire is created. However his sexuality, like everything else about him, depends on his environment, his state of mind.

In conclusion

It isn't always easy to understand John; he has a circumstantial morality, a changeable will that can sometimes imperil his success.

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