Meaning of name Jonas


He who smiles

Character and Dominants : Intellect, Intuition, Morality, Sociability
Plant : HopAnimal : Sperm Whale
Colour : YellowZodiac Sign : Pisces
Genre : Male Numerology : 5
Origin : Ancient first name Etymology :
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Jonas is calm , almost phlegmatic, he doesn't tend to become overwrought and is rarely upset, he keeps his cool at all times, even when things are going badly. He is difficult to understand as he is always smiling even if an inner drama touches him, he doesn't like to bore those around him and keeps his problems to himself. Jonas is a balanced man with a stable character, he is fairly easy to live with. He doesn't seek to push himself forward over others, doesn't wish to outshine others and is very open to the world around him. Very firm on morality and with a moralising resolve, Jonas doesn't like to live on the borderline of the law. He is quickly affected by the deviant behaviour of others. Jonas is very intuitive and trustful of his natural flair, don't try to change him as he is confident of generally being right.


Although Jonas is interested by life outside he finds his inner life far more important than that around him and so Jonas has a tendency to take refuge there when he is moved which gives him a certain timid air.


Jonas has a fair amount of will but can be surprising at times as his determination can vary from one moment to another and sometimes, very suddenly, he can abandon a course of action already embarked upon with a simple smile but without any explanation. Jonas can be a little erratic in his activity, he seems to feel more secure and reassured if he acts on several different fronts at the same time, when he can diversify his actions. Jonas has a fairly middling health, he has difficulties recovering from illnesses, both minor and major, and is subject to fatigue. He has a strong sociability that even borders on tyranny. He needs to get out and see the world even though he doesn't like to push himself forward. Although not particularly dynamic, Jonas is however capable of bringing projects to a successful end, he will not change his opinion half way through or get distracted by other activities.


Doted with a deep and analytical intelligence, Jonas lets nothing get by him, not the slightest detail, all is carefully analysed.


Jonas is faithful and affectionate in love, as in friendship, although he has a tendency to be highly imaginative and dream his love without being able to transpose it into reality. He also has difficulties in communicating his affection and doesn't particularly like great demonstrations and impassioned declarations.


This is not a subject that Jonas likes to dwell on, even more so as he has trouble expressing his feelings, sexuality is a highly sensitive subject with him. He needs to learn to express himself clearly with his partner.

In conclusion

Jonas is a very seductive person, sometimes a little changeable in his moods, one shouldn't trust his calm smile too much. If he succeeds in life it is not due to luck but rather his remarkable talents.

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