Meaning of name Kadvan


Man of heart

Character and Dominants : Intuition, Dynamism, Reactivity, Affection
Plant : OakAnimal : Ram
Colour : YellowZodiac Sign : Aries
Genre : Male Numerology : 8
Origin : Brittany first name Etymology :
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Kadvan has a high emotivity and is nervous, moody, always on the boil. Kadvan reacts impulsively at times and even occasionally with violence. Independent and combative, he is not easy to manage and is highly obstinate. This is quite a high morality although changeable in accordance with events. His loyalty and commitments are not always as highly principled as his first intentions. Highly intuitive and possessing a surprising and spontaneous psychology, Kadvan knows how to use it efficiently. He is good at listening without letting himself be taken for a ride.


Kadvan is doted with a strong emotivity that, coupled with the explosive side of his character, can play tricks with him, he then has a tendency to flee and want to start again at zero when obstacles cross his path. He can be influenced even though this may not be apparent, he needs time to reflect, without someone trying to convince him at the time. He will then weigh the pros and cons before often adopting the other person's point of view.


Half and half, meaning that Kadvan can be determined, or subject to a singular obstinacy; his resolve can be linked to his strong imagination. His activity often lacks continuity and Kadvan has a tendency to be scatter-brained. This is why he needs discipline and order to obtain precise work. Kadvan is a dreamer, highly imaginative and at times a little indolent. He has excellent vitality and Kadvan possesses a remarkable resistance even though he may have an inner nervousness. Kadvan possesses a deep sense of friendship although his sociability is variable and uncertain. He can change from wanting to be the major player on a stage in front of an audience, then closing inwards completely and hiding beneath his shell. Kadvan sometimes has too much, the more his dynamism is a major force, the more he finds it amusing. If this is not the case then he falls into a certain stupor and hides behind a façade of timidity, feigning indifference.


If his imagination doesn't triumph over the rational, Kadvan can be very intelligent and quite brilliant even, but like his activity, his intellect lacks stability. He may have a tendency more to talk about his life than actually live it. Although subjective in his soul, Kadvan colours everything with his mark and doesn't clearly see the difference between fabrication and truth.



Kadvan is sometimes subject to emotional repression as he doesn't know at times whether he is really living his love or simply dreaming. His sexuality is strong but complicated in that it is influenced by an unbridled imagination. Kadvan is very pleasing to women, his seduction and charm are great and he has a strong sensorality that he hides under a detached manner.

In conclusion

The main pitfall for Kadvan to avoid is waiting around or fidgeting. Kadvan needs a good mental structure together with a strong life discipline and a stable family to reach his full potential, and with these anything becomes possible.

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