Meaning of name Kana


He who searches

Character and Dominants : Sociability, Affection, Intellect, Emotivity
Plant : BirchAnimal : Vulture
Colour : VioletZodiac Sign : Sagittarius
Genre : Male Numerology : 9
Origin : Hawa�ian first name Etymology :
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A secret person, Kana is very emotive and needs action, even though at times he can confuse action with agitation. His reactions are definitely secondary and he should not be rushed. An introvert, Kana has difficulty coming out of his shell unless obliged to in which case he shows a remarkable precision and efficiency. His morality is good offering a secure framework that isolates but allows him to flee his responsibilities. Highly intuitive and experiencing numerous hunches, Kana is also a very seductive person doted with a high degree of charm and a highly fertile mind.


Kana is an introvert and will do everything he can to hide this emotivity that sometimes upsets and even overwhelms him. This is exactly why his slowness, or slow reactions, should not be reproached. Kana has a real need for friendship and is a devoted friend in return; loyal, available and even a little invasive at times. His middling reactivity, tending towards slow at times does occasionally give way to a certain occasional impulsivity as Kana enjoys being an opponent. Highly sensitive to setbacks due partly to his strong emotivity, Kana has a tendency to rapidly become discouraged and blocked. This propensity towards suppression should therefore be avoided and misunderstandings should not be allowed to settle.


His resolve is highly variable; this means that it can be firm when things are going well but hesitant when a situation is more complex. Kana would like to have a stauncher resolve to accomplish his objectives but he often stumbles when confronted with the tasks. Very active in his way, Kana has a very personal organisation of his work and the tasks to accomplish and he particularly needs to concentrate on one thing at a time that should be completed before going on to the next. Of high vitality in general, even if his health is too often subject to his psyche, Kana is not always stable. He is very sensitive to overwork and fatigue. Kana needs to be among others, he sees friendship in its purest sense but this need responds to a true desire to be of service and assistance. He should be encouraged in this path to dissuade his pessimistic side to surface strongly. An indolent personality or more a person that simply waits as his energy is a little repressed. In a general way, Kana expects too much of others as well as luck in general and always hesitates before launching himself into action but it is not under these conditions that he will succeed.


Highly intelligent and a thinker, Kana does however have trouble at times getting into gear. However once launched, he will not stop, and even has a tendency to do too much.


Kana is a very affectionate person that needs to feel cocooned, loved and understood. He is highly possessive and Love is the engine behind his life, even if he provides words more than action in this area.


Sensitive and with a marked sensuality, Kana has a clear tendency to fold into himself, especially when facing obstacles. He therefore needs to learn self-confidence early on and take into account his virility without rejecting his feminine side that is highly present.

In conclusion

Quite remarkable, in finesse, tact and intelligence, Kana however gives the impression to not reach into the depths of his personality; maybe this is due to a lack of perseverance or a surfeit of prudence.

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