Meaning of name Kaour


He who keeps his word

Character and Dominants : Intuition, Intellect, Emotivity, Sensorality
Plant : Olive treeAnimal : Bison
Colour : YellowZodiac Sign : Aries
Genre : Male Numerology : 3
Origin : Brittany first name Etymology :
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Kaour is above all, a sentimentalist, he reflects a lot and analyses things carefully before reacting. First he needs to be sure that he loves the people and subjects concerned before he goes into action. His spirit is strong but the flesh is weak, like his animal mascot, the bison; a large head and a small body. Kaour is above all a man of combat, but he is perpetually engaged in an inner battle, fighting against himself, which at times results in auto-destructive consequences. Kaour launches into life as though it was an arena. With Kaour this is more than simple intuition, this is close to seeing visions. Kaour is a true romantic so his seductive abilities are troubled and depend on his state of mind.


It is this strong emotivity that gives Kaour his sensitive, refined side. Combined with strong intuitive feelings this makes Kaour anxious and unsatisfied, he has trouble finding the right balance. Kaour's reactions are sometimes a little slow, the time needed to allow him to recover from emotion, but at this time he lacks sufficient energy to face combat in his life. However this delay in his reactions only causes his feelings of competition or aggressiveness to grow.


Kaour's will is weakened by his emotivity and transformed into a never-ending fight between his imagination and reality, the possible and the past. Kaour is a true talker for whom talking is an act as he considers he can control his talking. Therefore Kaour is often attracted to professions where eloquence is required. Despite this, his career is often decided by his environment and events rather than his own deliberate choice. A relative vitality, Kaour needs a calm life that is balanced and relaxing, far from upheaval.


Highly intelligent, Kaour is doted with an intelligence that is both analytical and superficial; this means that he can comprehend the overall view as well as the tiny details of all situations; the causes and effects of each event. However, this quality can cause Kaour to occasionally act condescendingly towards those around him.


Affection is given in accordance with what is received; this means that Kaour needs plenty of love to love in return and needs to be listened to in order to listen to others. He absolutely needs to be surrounded, understood, and loved, beyond himself.


A strong sensorality that is not always well received, Kaour has a certain prudish aspect that blocks him and his sexuality is quite complicated due to the various denials that Kaour imposes on himself.

In conclusion

Kaour truly has an ambivalent character, he can doubt everything, hesitate, flee, then in a flash become eloquent, brilliant, stir the conviction of his audience and even elicit their enthusiasm.

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