Meaning of name Karadeg


He who draws out, who opens up

Character and Dominants : Morality, Vitality, Will, Sensorality
Plant : HempAnimal : Bull
Colour : BlueZodiac Sign : Taurus
Genre : Male Numerology : 2
Origin : Brittany first name Etymology :
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Phlegmatic when it comes to emotions, Karadeg is patient, obstinate and often discreet in his actions, whilst remaining efficient, opinionated and perseverant. His animal mascot, the Ox, symbolises this idea very well, Karadeg is a natural force that tends to go head first into things and pull others along in his tracks by always using an influential but firm diplomacy. As an extrovert, Karadeg actively participates in social life and does not hesitate to give of himself as necessary. Not an easy person to influence, very objective and fairly confident, he can also exhibit signs of timidity at times. Karadeg is a man of principles with a remarkable morality. For him, following his values is proof of being responsible, he is uncompromising and without weakness. Karadeg is too busy weighing up the pros and cons of each situation to allow himself to be influenced by intuition, this is therefore a notion that has no real significance for him.


Karadeg is patient and obstinate and in this way he can overturn obstacles, this does not mean he is not prone to changing moods or angry outbursts but these never last for long. Karadeg is also little affected by setbacks and prefers to retry things again later, patiently, rather than abandon them.


An explosive personality, Karadeg is quite motivated although his headstrong attitude is not always enough to further things greatly. Karadeg wants to show he exists and is ready to do anything to make himself noticed. His activity is fairly middling whereas his resolve is quite strong. This explains the fact that Karadeg is quite slow and discreet in his accomplishments, he builds patiently and doesn't always reach the end of his projects whereas the world, in which he acts, moves faster. Although in the beginning he has problems with adaptation, once he is launched nothing can stop him. Karadeg enjoys good vitality, the constitution of an ox, with him, the physical dominates everything else. Karadeg lives according to his instincts, which are very good, but he should beware of his tendency to overestimate himself. Karadeg has a fairly unexceptional sociability but always acts from his heart towards those around him, he has a true sense of friendship. His dynamism is more important than his activity, so much so that Karadeg tends to talk more than he really acts. At times he may unwittingly be caught up in situations that he cannot control or his actions don't work out according to his plans. Karadeg should take note that he should not promise more than he can deliver.


Karadeg has an analytical intelligence that enables him to dissect and break down every situation, he uses it with great efficiency and without wishing to appear brilliant. Karadeg thinks about everything he does, everything that is said to him and moves forward only when he is reassured that his actions are correct, that each part has been scrutinised, without haste.


Sometimes subject to a hidden sentimentality through a lack of feminine psychology, Karadeg has trouble expressing his intimate feelings. However, when he does love someone, he shows an attachment and loyalty that is difficult to break.


Linked to his vitality, his sensorality is not distinguished by finesse; one could say that concerning his sensuality, quantity is higher than quality.

In conclusion

Karadeg sometimes lacks spontaneous feeling and intuition, this is his Achilles Heel. He is however a man with a big heart, of great loyalty and adherence, who is interesting to follow.

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