Meaning of name Lamia


She who watches, who discovers the world

Character and Dominants : Will, Intuition, Dynamism, Sensorality
Plant : BlueberryAnimal : Lynx
Genre : Female Numerology : 9
Origin : Arabic first name Etymology :
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Full of life, highly emotive and reactive, Lamia is often impudent, even insolent which can make her irritating. However her gaiety is contagious. Like her animal mascot, the Lynx, Lamia observes, judges and particularly likes getting involved with everything. Somewhat inward looking, Lamia is generally introverted although she remains curious about the world outside. She is not easily influenced. Neither immoral nor amoral, Lamia believes herself to be above the law and customs. In fact, Lamia creates her own morality, principles and values. Lamia senses and divines things; it is not simply instinct or intuition. Lamia charms and seduces, and although she should be listened to, she should also be careful not to take herself too seriously or her pride will take the upper hand.


Luckily highly present, this high emotivity provides a counterbalance to a strong will and high activity that both come close to tyranny at times. Always in opposition, notably with current society, with those who are too easily accepted or subjected, Lamia is not put off by setbacks as she doesn't consider herself responsible for them, they are due to the faults of others.


Very strong, maybe even too strong, Lamia wants everything, straight away. She has extremely high self-confidence; in fact the only thing she totally believes in is herself. Lamia has an overflowing activity, she gives the impression of being able to do everything and tends to overwhelm those around her. Not as strong as one might think, her apparent excellent health can be misleading. However the health of others interests her far more than her own. Capable of fending for herself in all circumstances, Lamia likes to be in charge, to be obeyed and followed and can be quite harsh towards those that are unable to do so.


With an analytical intelligence, like the lynx, Lamia observes, analyses and lets nothing get by her.


Highly possessive, she likes things that belong to her and wants to possess everything she loves. Lamia wants to be loved, she wants subjects, she is a queen.


Concerning matters of sensuality and sexuality, it's all or nothing, everything depends on if Lamia loves or not. Lamia does however have the tendency to have a troubled life on the emotional front.

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