Meaning of name Ly


She who is strong

Character and Dominants : Will, Activity, Emotivity, Morality
Plant : FernAnimal : Sole
Colour : RedZodiac Sign : Capricorn
Genre : Female Numerology : 1
Origin : Norwegian first name Etymology :
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Highly emotive and active, Ly is a quiet and troubled person who has an impulsive temperament. Ferocious at times, Ly shouldn't be hassled, rushed or upset. Ly is highly introverted and grants more importance to her inner world than life in the real world from which she often cuts herself off. Due to this fact, Ly sometimes has trouble resolving her problems; she often thinks a lot then develops a guilt complex. She is doted with an excellent morality that Ly uses very well, always in a positive manner. She has a penetrating intuition but Ly remains wary of it and in fact only allows it a small amount of credit. Her powers of seduction are great without being ostentatious as Ly suffers from a lack of self confidence.


Her emotivity can quickly transform into nervousness if Ly feels cornered, if too much is asked of her, too fast. Ly has few friends but these are loyal and sincere with solid links to whom Ly is devoted. It is this half hearted reactivity that enables the tempering of Ly's strong character. Ly often doubts herself up to the point when she enters into action or things get going. Fairly sensitive to setbacks, Ly does not however become demoralised for little things.


A strong will combined with high activity make Ly a person who is rich in possibilities who still needs time to react and fully express herself. Ly places more trust in her will than her intuition. Ly needs a certain time for adaptation and should not dissipate her energy on numerous projects. On the contrary, without being pushed Ly should reflect on what she should do and then she will do everything necessary to achieve the goal she has fixed her eyes upon. Ly has an excellent vitality but is sensitive to fatigue and intellectual overwork and has difficulties in recuperating. Ly needs her friends more than she needs acquaintances, her restricted circle suits her perfectly and she often takes refuge there. She has a middling sociability in the sense that Ly is afraid of feeling overwhelmed and is often struck by the superficial aspect of things. Her dynamism is not always equal to her activity; Ly often lacks enthusiasm when she starts work. Lacking objectivity and confidence, she is seen as timid when she is actually a thinker. However when she launches into action she can show obstinacy, resolve and perseverance.


Ly needs confidence and patience to reveal herself, she has a lively intelligence but Ly should proceed in a methodical manner and identify the details of each situation to ensure a good understanding.


Fairly wary and subject to complexes over great demonstrations, Ly is quite discreet when it comes to emotivity which can lead people to assume a certain pretention. Ly is susceptible and needs attention, understanding and to feel that she is loved and appreciated for her true worth.


In conclusion

Ly is a likeable woman who needs to be understood. She has a high morality and submissive will, in principle, to all tribulations. She needs to be accompanied; she needs someone else to be present, without being invasive.

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