Meaning of name Mahmud


He who reigns over the land

Character and Dominants : Affection, Sociability, Intuition, Dynamism
Plant : AlmondAnimal : Peacock
Colour : RedZodiac Sign : Aries
Genre : Male Numerology : 6
Origin : Arabic first name Etymology :
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Like his plant mascot, the Almond, you need to go beneath the surface to see what is hidden behind Mahmud. He often seems angry, full of pride, susceptible and grumpy although this is mainly to hide his strong emotivity. A man of action and reflection, adventurous, Mahmud has an inner world that is as rich and present as his exterior life. Although he is impressionable he is difficult to influence. Doted with a charm that is difficult to resist, Mahmud knows this and doesn't hesitate to use it, even if he has to bluff to push himself forward. Mahmud judges easily and has a true inborn intuition.


Very strongly linked to the desire to appear, in the eyes of others, he is however never tyrannical. Although brimming with self-confidence, even close to an excess, Mahmud remains fair and objective. He can avow his errors and is ready to assume the consequences.


It is not dependant on when Mahmud decides, rather when it is required, that his will and resolve can be very strong, even bordering on stubbornness. Mahmud needs a disciplined and organised life in which to reach fulfilment as he has a tendency to be distracted and scatter-brained, in particular he has a tendency to only do things well that he loves and feels passionate about, even though he has great faculties of adaptation. Doted with a very balanced vitality, his life should be too in order to benefit from his remarkable vigour and excellent resistance. Mahmud has a great sense of friendship. He enjoys being surrounded by both men and women and hates solitude. Although Mahmud accepts and easily overcomes situations with setbacks, he still remains highly susceptible.


Remarkably intelligent, both artificial and analytical, which is rare and priceless. By concentrating on an aspect of a situation, one detail, Mahmud can assess the global situation. Highly curious, Mahmud is ready to try anything even if it may be imprudent at times.


Mahmud wants to be loved, wants to be told so and will do the same in return. He is passionate yet always likes to show his independence but should learn to master this without frustrating his emotional side.


Mahmud is precocious and very sensitive to seduction, love and sexuality.

In conclusion

Lucky, but without really recognising it, Mahmud pushes forward, passes through obstacles and reaches success.

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