Meaning of name Mehmood


He who is focussed

Character and Dominants : Sociability, Vitality
Plant : IvyAnimal : Cobra
Genre : Male Numerology : 1
Origin : Arabic first name Etymology :
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Passionate, aggressive and tenacious, Mehmood needs to focus in order to achieve complete fulfilment; he also needs a secure setting for his balance. An extravert who is very open to the outside world, Mehmood is constantly seeking knowledge and renown. He is fairly sure of himself and in certain cases he is very satisfied with himself. Not easily influenced and fairly subjective, Mehmood sees the world and everything as he wishes to see it. He is highly possessive and, like his animal mascot, the cobra, when he is fixed upon an idea, or a person, it is difficult to get him to change his mind. Mehmood has a good morality. His morality is truly a pillar for his life; however he uses and follows it without vigour and without structure. Mehmood has a mediocre intuition but he doesn't rely on it much anyway and is even a little wary of it. His feet are firmly on the ground and he prefers to know exactly where he is going, what he needs to do, and how to do it.


He has a reasonably good sensitivity, built around a true sense of family, friendship and traditions. Mehmood is reasonable in his reactions, if he appears to get carried away in certain circumstances it is often in a calculated manner. He likes being in a lively, animated crowd. Mehmood is sensitive to setbacks and has a keen competitive sense, this is why he often comfortably contradicts those he converses with, even when opposition is not justified.


Mehmood has a good but irregular will, he can become passionate about something for no real apparent reason, or he can leave things to one side with a certain indolence. He is active, but not too much, and never excessively. He likes learning, studying, this is the moment he can shine and go beyond himself, as well as others. He actually grants a lot of importance to professional success. Mehmood has a remarkable vitality but he needs space and fresh air to counteract the excesses of city life. Mehmood has an extreme sociability as he constantly wants to be surrounded, this permanent search for contact is an integral part of his lifestyle. In the same way, his family is an essential setting for his life although he does have a certain sense of independence. Mehmood is very calm, very poised, and good at being lazy.


He has an analytical type of intelligence, he needs to have a detailed vision of each situation to be able to correctly grasp and understand the implications and possible results.


Mehmood is very direct in his behaviour, in seduction as much as with his passions. He has a tendency to say what he thinks with a particular candour.


His sensorality can only be strong and the sexuality of Mehmood is both exacting and conquering. He can go on the attack very quickly and Mehmood has a tendency to think that action can be far more efficient than words.

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