Meaning of name Neang


She who questions

Character and Dominants : Sociability, Intellect, Dynamism, Vitality
Plant : VioletAnimal : Robin
Colour : VioletZodiac Sign : Aquarius
Genre : Female Numerology : 5
Origin : Cambodian first name Etymology :
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Sentimental, discreet, even almost unnoticeable at certain times, Neang asks herself many questions about life, the world and her objectives. Neang actually has a dual personality as paradoxically she also has a desire to be noticed, to stand out, even if this doesn't always correspond with her deeper nature. Although Neang understands the duality of her personality, she can play on her timidity with both malice and efficiency. However if she is trying to understand herself she may have a tendency to cut herself off from the outside world and fold in upon herself, into her own world, and cut off contact with others. Neang sometimes lacks self-confidence even though the success she meets with provides reassurance. Highly intuitive, Neang is also doted with a highly efficient spontaneous psyche. She understands and sees very quickly which strategy to adopt.


Neang has a calculated emotivity, that means she knows how to use it, knows the limits and will therefore not exceed them and offend those around her. Here too, Neang uses this character trait, more a secondary one, and with humility. Neang is not really competitive and prefers to simulate inertia so she can act discreetly.


Highly determined, it is exactly this character trait, and her truly professional attitude that leads Neang to success. No great avowed ambitions but Neang follows her path with being noticed. She achieves this mainly through her kindness, availability and simple presence. She has a very strong vitality and resistance. Neang is a social person, someone who enjoys contact. She is always ready to be of service, even if sometimes she does expect it to be given in return. If at times she seems a little lacking in personality it is because Neang knows her place and can share attention with those around her.


Neang does not seek to surprise or seduce through her intelligence which is however omnipresent and always efficient. She knows how to be discreet, attentive and patient. Her intelligence is more superficial, enabling her to quickly understand the ins and outs of a situation.


Also and equally intuitive in this area, Neang is possessive but sufficiently intelligent to ensure that others do not see that they are gently and systematically being used by Neang. She is affectionate, likeable and also a very good friend who can be counted on by both men and women.


This is a complex area for Neang, fraught with worry and indecision combined with a search for interest and desires. She may have a difficult sexuality.

In conclusion

Neang is lucky and meets with success, however there is often a gap between her success and her personal merit and input which can explain her lack of self-confidence.

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