Meaning of name Pejman


The man of choice

Character and Dominants : Will, Activity, Reactivity, Sensorality
Plant : Memorial RoseAnimal : Ladybird
Colour : OrangeZodiac Sign : Taurus
Genre : Male Numerology : 5
Origin : Iranian first name Etymology :
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Pejman has an explosive temperament, he is strong headed, moody and highly emotive, his actions can be sudden and he has impulsive reactions. Regarding his psyche, Pejman has several possibilities that he has trouble choosing between, he is therefore constantly seeking. It seems that this uncomfortable and indecisive situation is often part of Pejman's life, more so than with many other people. Pejman wants to believe in a truth, in an exemplary morality and detests everything that can seem like compromise or permutation. He has a true sense of friendship that can lead him even to making sacrifices. Pejman doesn't rely on his intuition very much which is a shame as it is generally good, he prefers to stay with the rational world. Also, his strong masculinity results at times in a clear psychological lack concerning women.


This emotivity is highly present and Pejman is very sensitive to what others may think, the opinions they may have of him. This is the explosive side, even violent, that is the most striking aspect of this type of character. If Pejman seems aggressive at times it is mainly because he feels obliged to rigidly obey the law which guides and, at times, exasperates him.


This strong will is the greatest characteristic of Pejman's personality, it is this that gives him the courage to keep going and have confidence in himself. The spearhead of Pejman, his activity is both rich and vibrant. Pejman judges himself and others based on their activity, this is exactly why he may develop inferiority complexes. He possesses an exceedingly strong vitality that at times he tends to abuse. He has a versatile sociability and Pejman hates to feel invaded, this is why he may appear cold. He is also very susceptible and thin skinned and cannot support treason or lies. Under the look of Pejman that is sometimes wary, sometimes timid, is hidden the true man with a great heart. His dynamism and activity are his driving forces and they are the major characteristics of Pejman.


He has a deep intelligence but it can be slow at times, notably as Pejman is often indecisive and experiences difficulties taking decisions. He is fairly introvert but has a great intellectual honesty and is definitely capable of launching himself completely into something, or someone, he believes in.


Pejman is very independent and this is the reason why he should not be neglected. Pejman needs love to understand, but not an invasive love, more a consistent tenderness.


Part of his core, Pejman has chosen to live life to the full. His sensuality and sexuality are exacting and Pejman is exclusive in his relations.

In conclusion

An iron resolve, a great honesty and strong morality make Pejman a somewhat difficult person. However he is a man of quality; loyal and solid with a heart full of love.

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