Meaning of name Petia


He who hides

Character and Dominants : Intuition, Will, Activity
Plant : LilacAnimal : Crab
Colour : BlueZodiac Sign : Cancer
Genre : Male Numerology : 6
Origin : Bulgarian first name Etymology :
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Petia is an introvert and needs affection and encouragement to boost his self-confidence. He can be influenced and seeks the approval of his peers to justify his behaviour as he is afraid of being harshly judged. He has a vivid imagination that cuts into his real life and enables him to sometimes flee from a painful reality. Petia has an almost quasi-feminine intuition, a tender way of seduction and a galloping imagination that takes him into an imaginary world from which it can sometimes be difficult to extract him.


This intense emotivity gives Petia a moving vision of others and things but under certain circumstances can encourage an unreasoned enthusiasm and moody instability. Petia has a profound sense of friendship but this can lead him at times to mix love/passion and love/friendship which doesn't necessarily please the ladies around him. At certain times Petia can become blocked and nurture an unhealthy fear of setbacks and sentimental repression, often without reason. He'd like to be able to express his feelings more but his timidity blocks him.


Petia has a tendency to swing between moods or attitudes, he can therefore show resolve bordering on obstinacy at times but is also capable of letting other things go without reacting at all. Nor particularly inspired by traditional studies, Petia is somewhat of a self-taught person who likes working for himself. Petia doesn't possess a great natural strength and tires easily. He therefore needs a rigorous life discipline as much on the physical plane as the mental plane. He should watch that his mind doesn't wander too much. Sociable with tenderness, attentive to others, Petia is vulnerable and a worrier who dreams of the impossible and misses out on real things. Dynamism is a weak point for Petia; he is hesitant in his actions and is neither a leader of men nor a major enthusiast.


Petia is characterised by a superficial intelligence, he doesn't concern himself with details and goes straight to the major points. His intelligence combines shrewdness with opportunism. He possesses a faithful memory and a vivacious curiosity that drives him to devote himself in projects that at times he needs to exit using canny evasive tactics.



One shouldn't expect an explosive sexuality from Petia as we have already noted that he has a tendency to hide or even flee from it. His sexuality is particularly based on his psyche and he visualises the act more. Petia dreams of his love more than he lives it.

In conclusion

Petia will need a strong partner throughout his life who he can lean on.

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