Meaning of name Petrin


She who resolves, who decides

Character and Dominants : Sensoriality, Affection, Sociability, Dynamism
Plant : CedarAnimal : Swallow
Colour : GreenZodiac Sign : Libra
Genre : Female Numerology : 1
Origin : Norwegian first name Etymology :
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Petrin is very resourceful and cannot keep still, she imposes a high-charged rhythm of life on those around her. She can be quite cold-blooded and is highly capable of resolving problems rapidly. Petrin is an extrovert that cannot live in the shadows, she constantly needs to express herself and experience life. Where exactly does Petrin's morality startoe Petrin is far more concerned about the weaknesses and errors of others than her own and her own true life values. Her morality is therefore adapted to circumstances and other people. Although not very intuitive, Petrin grants a lot of importance to her thinking and inspiration. She is a great seductress and a joyful person.


Petrin is a master when it comes to playing on emotions. She is capable of feigning emotion when she wishes, if necessary.


Petrin learns from others and from life, she is nourished through her experiences. Her professional conscience, relatively speaking, depends on the degree of interest she has for what she is working on. Petrin is highly sociable and likes receiving and being amongst her friends, she also likes surprises. She particularly loves her family; her birth family as well as the one she has built and among which she lives next to her partner who appreciates the spontaneous love she gives to those around her. Petrin is highly dynamic, her life is somewhat tumultuous, in her actions as much as her emotions.


Petrin has a superficial intelligence, a lively spirit and is very capable with her hands, she likes to pretend she can do anything.


Petrin needs to feel loved and wants to be reminded of that often. Only then can she feel happy and make others happy.


A real determination to enjoy life and to love characterises Petrin and she loves easily, especially if she feels the need for comfort from those around her. She has a large heart and is always ready to listen to others.

In conclusion

Petrin can display resolve when she wishes to and has a good, if uneven, morality. She is lucky and uses it to her advantage; she knows which way the wind is blowing and is always on the right side.

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