Meaning of name Reaksmey


She who attacks

Character and Dominants : Will, Activity, Dynamism, Intellect
Plant : Pear TreeAnimal : Leopard
Colour : RedZodiac Sign : Taurus
Genre : Female Numerology : 7
Origin : Cambodian first name Etymology :
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A solid character, at times maybe coarse, is what characterises Reaksmey; she is not easy to manage and doesn't tend to let anything go once she has a hold of it, like her animal mascot, the leopard. She has an incredible strength of character that demonstrates remarkable obstinacy. Reaksmey doesn't give of herself easily and even when she is upset and subject to one of her fits of temperament she still seems in control of herself. Not completely objective, Reaksmey judges with clairvoyance but according to her criteria and always without concessions. Her beliefs and morals are exclusive and are close to fanatical, Reaksmey displays a great strictness and severity in her behaviour which she values and which reassures her. Reaksmey gives too much importance to logical reasoning rather than intuition. She is wary of an overactive imagination, towards inspiration and is completely unsympathetic towards those who do not follow a straight and well defined path.


Her emotivity is very strong but plays a role more as a detonator than modulator. Reaksmey is very wary with love, as with friendship, and grand declarations irritate her more than touch her. She therefore only grants her friendship after first showing disinterest, and always parsimoniously. Reaksmey is an introvert who is highly sensitive to her inner life, even if her participation in life outside provides things she is too wary of them so tends to show prudence in getting involved. Difficult to influence, it is very difficult to make her reverse her decisions if she is certain of being right, even if they are unfair. She has a self-confidence that borders on pride.


She has an extremely strong will that drives an explosive character, supported by strong activity; Reaksmey is full of fury. Systematically opposed to others' ideas, her tenacity enables her to successfully overcome obstacles. Activity for Reaksmey is, by turn, a weapon, a provocation or a passion. She does not and cannot act without going over the top and going way beyond others. She always fights to be the equal of others, especially men. She has an excellent professional conscience and possesses a great sense of responsibility and command. Reaksmey is a force of nature who resists fatigue and illness but sometimes pushes herself too much, doesn't know when to stop and sometimes goes beyond reasonable bounds. She has a roller coaster sociability that varies according to her mood and interests. Her name means: She who attacks!


A cold intelligence, almost calculated and superficial, enables Reaksmey to have an overall and immediate vision of events, but this also portrays an image of her that is cold, even pretentious. It is up to her to ensure she maintains contact with others, staying open to the world and keeping a warmth and humanity without which intelligence is worth nothing.


Very independent from an early age, Reaksmey weighs her relationships with others carefully, first comes her family, then her school followed by general society. Generally pessimistic, more tyrannical than possessive, Reaksmey despises weakness and affectation.


Reaksmey generally rejects the idea that she has impulsions she considers as animal that block her. Her sexuality is complicated, almost taboo and she invokes it with a lot of difficulty.

In conclusion

Reaksmey is characterised by a will and morality that is close to tyrannical and she succeeds due to her obstinacy and severity.

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