Meaning of name Reasmey


She who reigns over the earth

Character and Dominants : Affection, Will, Reactivity, Morality
Plant : LavenderAnimal : Kangaroo
Genre : Female Numerology : 5
Origin : Cambodian first name Etymology :
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A little cold, secret and fairly withdrawn, Reasmey only gives of herself with difficulty and has trouble in opening up to the outside world. She is an acquirer from an early age and she needs to possess things at any price, this is an inborn proprietary need. An introvert, Reasmey is quite closed in on herself and withdraws quickly and easily when she is confronted with setbacks or deception. Reasmey is not easily influenced but she can be quite vindictive. She has a strong morality that corresponds far more to a great respect for law and order than a deep desire for personal morality. Reasmey is wary of intuition, or instinct, and gives it little credit. She is no more trustful of her charm and seductive powers that many consider cold but which however are solid and efficient.


The weak emotivity of Reasmey, her manner of withdrawing, is balanced by a strong will and a vibrant activity. For Reasmey this reactivity is the expression of a battle with herself and society which often drives her to repression, even possibly an inferiority complex. She has less self confidence than one might think and Reasmey can even become quite timid when she is ill at ease.


Reasmey has a strong will and a keen sense of devotion, bordering on sacrifice. However, if Reasmey cannot express her resolve she has a tendency to flee. She has a strong activity, very intense which has a psychological effect on Reasmey as she has a tendency to take refuge in her career, in action, to evade certain emotional or social responsibilities. In principle, Reasmey's vitality is excellent but she has a tendency to take refuge in psychosomatic illnesses that she provokes unconsciously as if to flee certain responsibilities. It could not be said that Reasmey is very sociable, at ease with society. Reasmey's sociability only intervenes when it becomes absolutely necessary. Although her dynamism is very strong it doesn't always support action enough, this means that Reasmey sometimes abandons actions and doesn't always get to the end of things. She may have a tendency to hesitate, or procrastinate.


Reasmey has a finely tuned sense of detail when analysing situations, her intelligence is analytical in nature. Reasmey has a good practical sense which enables her to adapt to all material situations she may find herself in.


Fairly susceptible and from quite early on, Reasmey needs more self-confidence, and trust in others, to learn to love. She has a tendency to appear selfish at times from fear of showing herself, of giving too much. She therefore tends to hide within her shell, even doubting any affection that is shown to her.


Reasmey's sensorality is highly complex and she hides her affective conflicts and sexual blockages well. As Reasmey almost systematically doubts the sincerity of others feelings and declarations she is always wary and mistrustful.

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