Meaning of name Renauld


He who shouts

Character and Dominants : Affection, Will, Activity, Dynamism
Plant : EucalyptusAnimal : Heron
Colour : RedZodiac Sign : Scorpio
Genre : Male Numerology : 3
Origin : Classical first name Etymology :
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With a well balanced character, Renauld is a true knight, acting through conviction, ready to defend widows and orphans, combat injustice and shout his rallying call of love and hurt injustice. Renauld faces life bravely and doesn't give way. Both introverted and extraverted, Renauld pushes himself forward when he devotes himself to a task but when it has been completed he retreats once more into his shell, becoming a hermit. He can be influenced as he is quite a conceited person. His morality is close to resembling tyranny, and it is exactly in the name of this that Renauld launches into his personal crusades. Renauld follows his imagination and reason far more than his intuition for which he needs scientific proof to believe in it.


Renauld isn't particularly emotive even though he thinks of himself as a modern day knight, it is more his keen sense for justice that drives him to act as Don Quixote. Paradoxical yet again, Renauld isn't particularly reactive apart from in a very discreet manner, and yet he is always ready to launch into action for causes that he holds close to his heart.


Renauld is very determined, very efficient, but only by choice. This resolve only surfaces at certain times. Renauld could very well be suited to working in law or politics as he likes defending others, giving his opinion and also has a profound taste for intrigues. His health follows his activity, although excellent during his initiatives; Renauld can falter when he is not busy fighting injustice. Renauld has quite a tortured sense of friendship and spends much of his life searching for true friends. If Renauld places his dynamism at the service of his ideology he can be explosive and formidable. His enthusiasm and convictions are plain to see then.


Renauld is a person who thinks carefully, and make others think too. Quite mature from an early age, he is doted with a very good memory, an insatiable curiosity and excellent judgement. His intelligence is more superficial; by quickly glancing at the details Renauld can rapidly seize the essential points of any situation.


Renauld is difficult to understand as he is susceptible, imaginative and a fighter who desires to be loved and doesn't hesitate to use his tenderness to achieve it.


Renauld doesn't have a true understanding of the feminine psychology, he seeks his feminine ideal but in accordance with his ideas of sensorality, through his dreams which do not necessarily rhyme with reality.

In conclusion

Renauld is a man full of ideas, although they may not be always well defined, he is permanently searching; love, friendship, a combat. This is his way of life. However, Renauld should avoid seeing everything in black.

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