Meaning of name Sami


He who judges

Character and Dominants : Will, Sociability, Dynamism, Sensorality
Plant : Elm TreeAnimal : Tiger
Colour : RedZodiac Sign : Virgo
Genre : Male Numerology : 6
Origin : Arabic first name Etymology :
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Sami will do anything to achieve what he desires, even if he needs to use force, nothing can resist him. He can be moody, difficult to educate and needs discipline in order to control his desire to dominate others. His is a circumstantial morality that depends on his environment. However, Sami cannot be influenced although he can adapt his behaviour and beliefs according to events. Sami is a born competitor, he enjoys being in opposition and is a leader that knows how to create a group with him at the centre, around his beliefs. Sami has no need of intuition, he doesn't have the time and asks himself no questions, he just goes head on into things, double or quits. The problem is that Sami cannot cope with failure. He has a very strong sense of friendship, although it can often be an invasive friendship.


The emotivity of Sami is far more a tool, to be used according to the circumstances and the exact moment, than true feelings. Sami should guard against a systematic state of challenge. As with all nervous moody people, his reactivity is subject to considerable variation.


Sami has a very high degree of resolve and although this can be an advantage at times it can also serve as a brake at others. It can become an impetus for him when it relates to real, or imaginary, competition that makes him reach beyond himself but can also place Sami at a disadvantage as this strong resolve can increase his self-pride and give him a feeling of superiority. The activity of Sami is a real roller-coaster which gives him an unstable aspect. He has an excellent vitality that should not be neglected through abuse. Sami should exercise prudence to counter the fact that his explosive character can lead him to unpredictable and irresponsible behaviour at times. Sami is very sociable and always needs to be among others, he needs an audience. Above all, he likes it when these encounters take him out of his reality.


Rapid and lively, Sami is doted with a superficial intelligence that enables him to understand the precise nature of a situation in a flash, and how to proceed, and will immediately take decisions.


Sami wants to be loved far more than he is capable of loving in return. He can be very demonstrative and possesses a hidden tenderness, even veering to repression at times, he needs attentive understanding.


He could almost be described as a roamer when it comes to affection as in fact Sami has a precocious and needful sexuality; he enjoys many conquests and is far more sexual than sentimental.

In conclusion

Sami should face up more to his responsibilities and show more patience. Sami is capable of anything as long as he has a goal he wants to achieve and he has a competitor, these are the keys to his success.

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