Meaning of name Seang-heng


He who waits

Character and Dominants : Intuition, Activity, Emotivity, Morality
Plant : GarlicAnimal : Stork
Colour : YellowZodiac Sign : Capricorn
Genre : Male Numerology : 5
Origin : Cambodian first name Etymology :
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A fine observer, Seang-heng like watching the world he is growing in and will only launch himself into adventures and take decisions once he has taken the time to think them over and understand the possible results. Sensitive to setbacks he has a tendency to emotionally withdraw into himself. Seang-heng is timid and lacks self-confidence. Due to thinking too much before reacting, Seang-heng can have a tendency to fold into himself and be introverted. He doubts his decisions on actions and can thereby fall into immobility and impotency. Capable of creating his own religion or philosophy, always in the spirit of preservation, Seang-heng has great faith in laws and values. If he should happen to surpass them he may fold into himself, show timidity, as this disconcerts him terribly. Highly intuitive, maybe too much, Seang-heng gives his inner voice too much credence which can lead to problems and worries.


This is a problem for him as his strong emotivity drives him at times to do the contrary to that he has taken so long to previously decide. Reactivity is not his strong point as Seang-heng prefers to take a step back to think when confronted with situations, which of course tends to delay his reactions. Seang-heng needs to be surrounded by his friends so he can react in a stable and secure environment, this makes him a very loyal friend.


Fairly reserved, Seang-heng has trouble imposing himself, his ideas and even to make known his desires. He has an exceedingly high activity and is impassioned, doted with a great imagination that he needs help in stabilising. Doted with a remarkable vitality, Seang-heng is highly resistant even if he does sometimes need fresh air and a good sleep. Seang-heng is far more at ease with a small but loyal group of friends, with whom he can enjoy profound discussions, than a large group of people. His dynamism is less than his activity which means that Seang-heng is actually far more active than dynamic and at times, like his animal mascot, the stork, he has a tendency to immobility.


Doted with a great intelligence, more superficial than analytical, which means he doesn't bother overmuch with details and sees more an overall view of situations. Seang-heng however has a need for a certain stability, not to distribute himself too liberally among his intellectual activities.



Ignoring his feelings, he can have impulsive reactions at times but more due to his timidity or an inferiority complex than aggressiveness or a true desire for conquest. This is why, due to prudery, sensuality is a delicate subject for him.

In conclusion

Seang-heng has a strong will and morality. He applies a strict moral code to his behaviour that protects him from both danger and temptation. Seang-heng is patient and generally quite lucky, from which he benefits using both cunning and kindness.

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