Meaning of name Seraphine


She who bites

Character and Dominants : Sociability, Morality, Affection
Plant : ValerianAnimal : Hedgehog
Colour : BlueZodiac Sign : Libra
Genre : Female Numerology : 5
Origin : French first name Etymology :
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Seraphine adapts easily to all situations, undemanding, she is easy to live with. She retains certain adolescent aspects reinforced by a strong emotivity and a great sentimentality. An extravert, Seraphine always enjoys being surrounded by people, by her friends. She can be influenced and is always asking herself if she is doing well or not, if she is loved, or not... She can be changeable, even unstable as she is also seeking something new. Generally quite secretive relative to morality, Seraphine gives the impression of being fairly relaxed and free on this aspect, that she can adapt her morality to different situations and yet Seraphine possesses real values and life principles that she will not transgress. Seraphine isn't very intuitive, nor imaginative, this is because Seraphine prefers to observe the world rather than imagine it.


This is the weak point of Seraphine as she is emotional. She cannot always control and direct her emotions and therefore can seem changeable. Seraphine has a great sense of friendship but this can seem a little ambiguous at times which may cause waves in her emotional life as the line between friendship and love is not always clear. Seraphine has confidence in herself due to her charm and seduction, she is capable of enthusiasm and launching herself into an action if Seraphine deems it as being worthwhile. However, here is the ambiguity; Seraphine often portrays an insolent and indifferent air that can be confusing relative to her true character.


Seraphine can easily, and rapidly, give up at the first sign of an obstacle so giving the impression that she doesn't follow through on her initial actions. She needs reminding that things started should be finished as she doesn't always remember this. As with her will, Seraphine is always close to letting go, renouncing things and walking away if she is not encouraged to continue, and this is true for any sector of activity (studies, work, sports...). She benefits from very good health, although Seraphine is drawn to the night life to which she should pay attention. Seraphine has a tyrannical need for sociability, to see the world, that comes from within her. Seraphine sometimes gives the impression of accomplishing tasks because she is forced to as, although she works well, it is more due to her strong professional conscience rather than any particular enthusiasm. Self-love and emulation are the best ways for her to become motivated.



Seraphine needs to be surrounded by tenderness, to feel loved and if this is not the case then Seraphine will feel abandoned at which point she starts judging the worthiness of others. Very affectionate, Seraphine should learn to be more self-sufficient and not depend so much on others.


Seraphine is very complicated in this area, as with all problems, it is difficult to know if she wants it or not. Also, she has trouble differentiating between sentimentality and sensuality. She has strong sex appeal and is highly seductive but she shouldn't go too far without taking the consequences into consideration.

In conclusion

The willpower of Seraphine, and her success, depends on the circumstances and finally on those she lives with.

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