Meaning of name Serey


She who assimilates

Character and Dominants : Will, Activity
Plant : HempAnimal : Cricket
Colour : YellowZodiac Sign : Virgo
Genre : Female Numerology : 9
Origin : Cambodian first name Etymology :
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Patient and organised, Serey always achieves her goals with a remarkable efficiency. Generally phlegmatic and discreet, Serey act behind the scenes and only reveals herself when necessary. Serey has great self-confidence and isn't easily influenced, it is difficult to persuade her to change her mind. She is fairly subjective and sees the outside world through her own eyes. She knows how to capture the attention of those around her with both ease and cleverness. She has a morality that is far more instinctive than governed by laws, or that responds to a social mind-set. Therefore at certain moments, it seems, if circumstances so require, that certain principles can be transgressed although Serey is fundamentally honest. Her beliefs are generally traditional and she goes with the flow rather than initiating it.


Her reactivity also depends on circumstances and can seem calculated and measured.


Serey is very determined but has a tendency to wait until the last moment to decide, she may even give up entirely during the course of pursuing her objectives. In fact, her will depends on circumstances. Serey's perseverance takes into account hesitations that she has in the beginning, this could sometimes be described as obstinacy or a certain relentlessness that almost always brings her to success. Prudent and organised, Serey manages her vitality and health which are, generally speaking, both good. Serey's sociability can be irregular at times and depends mainly on her moods and the precise goal she is pursuing. You don't always know what Serey is thinking and what is hidden behind her natural smile. Not always particularly enthusiastic, Serey often needs to count on her own energy and sense of business; this is not achieved without difficulty.


Serey has a remarkable memory, vibrant curiosity and analytical intelligence. This means that Serey analyses situations in the smallest detail and sometimes doesn't see the overall view.


As with her emotions, Serey doesn't easily show her feelings. At first glance it may seem that she is cold when in fact she is quite secretive. She just needs to have more trust in others and open up her affectionate side.


Serey does not often touch on her emotional life and that which relates to her sexuality, these are subjects that can make her uncomfortable. Although she is very discreet in this area she is however capable of great passion, like a sleeping volcano that awakes.

In conclusion

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