Meaning of name Sothear


He who rides horses

Character and Dominants : Intuition, Intellect, Sociability, Affection
Plant : NettleAnimal : Horse
Colour : BlueZodiac Sign : Cancer
Genre : Male Numerology : 5
Origin : Cambodian first name Etymology :
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Highly active and dynamic, very restless, Sothear is a straight man, a messenger. Sothear has a dual personality that is difficult to manage; capable of great happiness as well as angry episodes as is confirmed by his plant mascot, the nettle. An extravert, Sothear actively participates in life outside and this is what marks his fulfilment. Sothear needs to feel useful and becomes involved in everything through advising others. He can be influenced, his major weakness is pride and his desire to be noticed and approved of is a major driving force. His morality is somewhat vague, so much so that Sothear's egocentricity causes him to see things in his own way. His faith, beliefs and values can be eclipsed and subject to circumstances.


Susceptible, very skittish and highly emotive, Sothear flees even before he has fully understood the situation. His friendship is not always stable either; his egocentric tendency makes friendship difficult and he needs a lot of patience and understanding from those around him. This reactivity tempers the explosive combination of will/emotivity and gentles Sothear's character. Susceptible and sensitive to setbacks, Sothear rebels if he is treated like everyone else and for him this is cause for an emotional retreat.


Sothear has a strong resolve, efficiently supported by great emotivity and remarkable activity that make him someone who can be a little invasive at times. His vitality can be excellent but may be affected by occasional ills mainly with a psychosomatic origin. Sothear is very sociable but like many of his personality traits, it can be excessive. His sociability borders on tyranny at times and Sothear doesn't hesitate to use his powers of seduction to achieve his ends. An excessive dynamism pushes Sothear to make a scene, to be extravagant even when it risks displeasing or upsetting those around him. Totally subjective, Sothear sees life only through his eyes; if he is unfair at times he is sure that he is right. One could say that Sothear is highly self-confident and timidity holds no place in his character.


Both superficial and analytical, Sothear's intelligence is surprising due to the rapidity of his understanding and startling in the manner that Sothear can go from the general to the particular, the global to the individual. However, this powerful intelligence can cause Sothear to reflect intensely, turn in circles and even lose his spontaneity.



His sensorality is generally complex as Sothear is indecisive and this feminine aspect is more significant in him than in others.

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