Meaning of name Talibah


She whom the world leans on

Character and Dominants : Affection, Sociability, Morality, Will
Plant : Lily of the ValleyAnimal : Lizard
Colour : VioletZodiac Sign : Cancer
Genre : Female Numerology : 8
Origin : African first name Etymology :
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Talibah is full of surprises; she is a bubbly type of person. With her, you never know if she will explode or burst out laughing. She is highly emotive and very sensitive. Talibah needs to be always active, moving, laughing, being noticed. Talibah has great self-confidence and is an extravert, she participates fully in the life of the world around her. She does however have a carefree side and so has trouble finding stability, finding a balance. Talibah often exaggerates her reactions in order to be noticed or give her presence and make an impression on her audience, despite all this however she is not easily influenced. Highly exacting in this respect, Talibah has a personal morality and a different one for others and can quickly feel hurt or irritated by faults in the behaviour of those around her, even though those close to Talibah, and her home, are the true centre of her life. Intuition and sensitivity are as one with Talibah and are totally combined. She has a clairvoyance, a certain flair and charm that she tends to abuse.


Talibah is so emotive that her reactions are often unpredictable, combining joy and despair. This strong emotivity makes Talibah susceptible and nervous. Talibah is surprisingly rapid in her reactions, she is ready to do anything if she feels in danger, or senses that her family or work is endangered. Talibah can throw herself headlong into a cause that she considers fair. Not particularly sensitive to setbacks, and no systematic opposition, if there is opposition it is always in a sporting manner, Talibah knows how to have an objective outlook on life.


She has such a strong resolve that Talibah can sometimes be capricious, even tyrannical. To counterbalance this, Talibah needs to grow in a stable and fair environment. Talibah is very drawn to her inner side, and is attached to her home, her family far more than her professional life. This is why in this area Talibah shows hesitation and a tendency to often wish to change her professional path. Doted with a fairly satisfactory vitality, Talibah does however need a balanced diet even though she possesses a strong resistance. Talibah is highly sociable and likes receiving people, she is the perfect hostess. Easily adaptable, Talibah is comfortable anywhere and with anyone.


Highly curious, lively, imaginative, full of fantasy and wit, Talibah has an artificial intelligence that enables her to gain a complete and rapid view of each situation. Talibah remembers everything that touches or moves her, even upsets her as she is doted with an effective emotional memory.


Although appearing distant, even cold at times, Talibah is actually very affectionate and even sensitive, although she hides behind a wild side, for fear of seeming immature, or by modesty. Talibah is however immoderately possessive.


Loyal and far more emotional than Talibah will make you think, her sexuality is however not so simple. In fact, family and social taboos complicate her sensuality.

In conclusion

Talibah glows when she is surrounded by those who love her and whom she loves. This happiness, this joy in life, enables her to succeed in her life, most especially on the personal level which also provides an advantage on the professional level.

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