Meaning of name Tejay


He who lives in two worlds

Character and Dominants : Emotions, Affection, Intuition
Plant : FoxgloveAnimal : Seahorse
Colour : BlueZodiac Sign : Aquarius
Genre : Male Numerology : 7
Origin : Australian first name Etymology :
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There is a real duality in Tejay's temperament. Generally calm, secret and sentimental, he can quickly become nervous and agitated; in fact like his animal totem, the seahorse, Tejay is always between two states, he constantly needs stimulation even if he himself can show stability. His moods can be changeable; Tejay can be affectionate and very possessive without really showing it. His sexuality is also on two levels, one is very idealistic but often disappoints Tejay as he has a tendency to idealise the other person, and the second level is characterised by a more primal, aggressive sensuality.


This is not a major character trait in Tejay; his emotions can be as surprising as they can be long in appearing. An introvert, often timid, Tejay seems almost asleep at times and he also suffers from a serious lack of self-confidence.


Irresolute in his decisions, Tejay does not lack determination in his behaviour; it is simply that he has trouble being decisive. Of a middling tenacity, he has a tendency to let himself be carried along by events which suits him very well.


It is in this area that the nervous character traits of Tejay surface. He possesses a lively intelligence and excellent memory, although selective, so much so that he can sometimes unfortunately pass things by that remain unseen to him.


Very introverted, Tejay finds his inner world far more interesting than that of the outside, so much so that he can be decidedly headstrong if this is not the same as his mental image. Tejay can also be easily influenced if that brings him to a neighbouring world where he doesn't impart his own judgement.


In conclusion

Tejay permanently oscillates between two worlds which gives him a certain mysterious charm but he should be careful not to fall into the trap of living an easy life. In all cases, although both disconcerting and surprising, we find the truth to be totally different to our first impressions concerning Tejay.

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