Meaning of name Theirn


He who generates

Character and Dominants : Sociability, Affection, Vitality
Plant : Apple TreeAnimal : Sable
Colour : GreenZodiac Sign : Libra
Genre : Male Numerology : 2
Origin : French first name Etymology :
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Theirn is phlegmatic, he likes to enjoy life and can happily pass the time. He isn't really lazy but it all depends on what he needs to do. Theirn is an extravert who needs contact with others so he doesn't feel alone. One might think he can be influenced as he agrees with others easily, but this is due more to a desire to not shock others than through any real conviction. Love is everything for Theirn and he has an enjoyable way of combining sensations including sexuality and gluttony. Theirn has a strong morality, one may think it is a morality by omission in the sense that it has its source in an absence of activity. However this is not the case, Theirn has a real system of values that he believes in and is attached to. For Theirn, friendship borders on the sacred; do not touch his friends, and this clannish attitude is present from a very early age. Theirn is an intuitive person who possesses remarkable flair and can have a philosophical idea of things.


He has a weak emotivity but Theirn's life is not however immune to anxiety. In fact he is a great worrier that needs reassuring during the passage of his life. Everything is calm for Theirn, however behind his phlegm there exists a person who is extremely talented and highly imaginative, capable of creating interesting surprises.


His will is not very strong and its expression is through whims that are often related to a profitable activity. For Theirn there are various types of activity and of these, few in number are those where he invests with pleasure, or through duty, that require little motivation and encouragement, and there is another type; those he prefers leaving to others with the attitude that work that can be avoided by himself will be good for the others who do it. Theirn is full of vitality and enjoys satisfactory health. However he can quickly become overworked concerning activities that absorb him. How can Theirn live without others as he actually expects everything from others. Those whom he expects to do tasks that were initially entrusted to him, those who ensure he is not alone, who are there for him, around him. So yes, Theirn is very sociable. If it relates to the desire to do something, a project that is slumbering in his soul, a wish that is taking shape in his mind then yes we can say he is dynamic but in other cases this word is nonexistent in his vocabulary.


Theirn has an analytical intelligence and likes going into the details, especially if that enables him to advise and delegate others.


Theirn enjoys loving and being loved, he needs to receive a lot of love and give back in order to feel complete. Love is the prime essence of Theirn's life and he needs to be with someone who shares the same values, the same peaceful vision of life.


His sensorality essentially revolves around beauty, even his language is peppered with aesthetical comments. For Theirn that which is attractive is good, and what is good can be consumed and this is also applicable to his partners.

In conclusion

Theirn has a wealth of possibilities and has many qualities that his nonchalance and phlegm will not allow him to express. However, Theirn is easily content with his lot and is therefore generally in a good mood, doesn't really question things and radiates a certain tranquil bliss.

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