Meaning of name Walid


He who triumphs

Character and Dominants : Will, Intellect, Activity, Morality
Plant : HemlockAnimal : Beaver
Colour : RedZodiac Sign : Sagittarius
Genre : Male Numerology : 4
Origin : African first name Etymology :
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Impassioned and emotive with intense reactions, Walid is highly impulsive but he knows, despite all, when to back off and think. Like his animal mascot, the beaver, Walid is a true builder who constructs his life, his affairs and his love life according to a pre-established plan. Highly active, his main enemy is boredom. Precise, efficient, authoritarian if necessary, Walid almost always succeeds at whatever he undertakes, even if he needs to be patient to achieve his goals. Highly subjective, Walid sees the world through his own eyes although he is capable of devoting himself completely to a cause that he considers worthy. Walid is scrupulous and highly moralistic, even a moraliser. He won't hesitate to use authority to impose his point of view or morality. Among other characteristics he possesses a very strong sense of friendship, wishing to make those around him happy despite themselves at times. Walid is intuitive and possesses undeniable flair, a true spontaneous psychology that he uses mainly for seduction. However, he can also be prone to indiscretion in this area as he has a lively curiosity.


Walid is a rebel, vindictive, capable of walking away from everything at certain times, this is strengthened by the fact that his emotivity is associated with a strong reactivity. He therefore doesn't always have a very pleasant character. His strong reactivity should not automatically be confused with rapidity as Walid is capable of sudden yet feeble reactions as well as strong but delayed reactions. He is susceptible and can be vindictive.


Everything is a question of motivation with Walid; if he does other than simply follow his head then he is capable of remarkable efficiency. It is this strong activity that conditions and structures Walid's balanced life which is brought alive by this activity. As long as Walid is in the dynamics of success, passion and enthusiasm, all will go well for him but if his pessimism, ever latent and present, takes the upper hand then nothing will go right. Discernable in his sociability, he uses his social networks and friendships intelligently. A constructor above all, Walid has a strong dynamism that sometimes takes a while for him to express. There is no point in trying to rush him, he believes that one should always think before going into action and that doesn't decrease its efficacy.


Walid possesses a deep and efficient intelligence, although it is also a little slow. It is exactly this aspect that he has trouble accepting and that he tries hard to dispel, sometimes successfully although at a cost of a lot of energy.


Highly structured, a builder, even in his relationships, Walid draws most of his self-confidence from his success and he does everything he can to succeed. He is loving and affectionate but reserved and he can be very hard on himself and others.


His attitude may seem a little hypocritical at times in this area. Walid's sexuality is complex as he refuses it at times under moral pretexts that block him whereas he has strong inner sexual impulses. Also, Walid has a tendency to be wary of women.

In conclusion

Impassioned and passionate, doted with a strong will, Walid is capable of his best, or his worst , but his will to succeed makes him always triumphant.

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