Meaning of name Magnus


The man who stands straight

Character and Dominants : Affection, Dynamism, Intellect
Plant : AspenAnimal : Seagull
Colour : VioletZodiac Sign : Gemini
Genre : Male Numerology : 3
Origin : Ancient first name Etymology :
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Both nervous and emotional, Magnus should unceasingly seek a certain balance to ensure this duality does not disturb his life. An anxious man, Magnus needs reassuring about himself and those around him and only if this is ensured can he act when situations have reached a certain stability. An introvert, with a clear tendency to fold when confronted with life's difficulties, Magnus is also easily influenced and should always fight to not cede to the first suggestion forthcoming. Magnus is not particularly objective and clearly lacks self-confidence. It is difficult for Magnus to establish and keep to a precise and clear behavioural code, even if he is not always conscious of this and even though he often talks of morality. Hesitant on the behaviour to be adopted according to circumstances, Magnus often does so in rhythm with his conscience. Magnus has flair, he knows which way the wind is blowing and where he is going. He uses this trait admirably although he does have a tendency to let himself go with the flow a little too much instead of turning to fight.


Magnus is highly emotive, this emotivity provokes a high degree of susceptibility in him as well as a certain nervousness that he needs to permanently fight against. Friendship for Magnus is a refuge if, and only if, the friend is someone who can be reassuring and not someone who poses problems. As this is not always the case he often changes his friends. Magnus has a tendency to compensate for his excess of emotivity by blocking the intensity of his reactions. Paradoxically, Magnus has a tendency to be oppositional, in an almost systematic manner as if trying to re-affirm himself. Magnus is highly sensitive to setbacks and has a strong tendency towards emotional withdrawal.


His will fluctuates quite a lot and he applies it in an irregular manner according to circumstances. Magnus is highly efficient at accomplishing projects on the condition that it concerns something he likes, and that the action was carefully chosen, otherwise Magnus is unstable and irregular in his actions. His vitality is good although irregular, as long as Magnus is occupied with something he enjoys doing then everything is fine, if he becomes bored then he can quickly become affected by mental troubles. His sociability is somewhat unstable, even capricious; one day he is open to the world outside, the next Magnus will be blocked by mental worries and appear detached and far away. A smooth talker, subject to a brilliant imagination, Magnus talks more than he actually does. In fact his dynamism is far greater than his activity. He therefore has a tendency to talk about and dream of his projects more than actually implement them.


His intelligence is more superficial and enables him to oversee a situation in a quick glimpse and adapt accordingly. However, he should be careful not to neglect the details.


Possessive and fairly unstable emotionally, Magnus is capable of grand gestures as well as closing up into his shell. Those close to him often become a refuge when a situation becomes too difficult, an attempt to avoid having to fight.


His sexuality is unstable, like his psyche, and is exacerbated by his high emotivity.

In conclusion

Magnus is characterised by a varying will but is capable of spectacular adjustments, and he has a morality that depends a lot on his state of mind. He can also be very supple, can adapt as necessary and has a personality that is rich in possibilities.

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